Often it is really boring during the break and the students ask their teachers which game they could play. Here we have summarized the top 5 break games for students or teachers with explanation and rules in a list.

Top 5 best break games 2023

Play hide and seek

hide in the break

You need : At least 2 players, no material

Age: from age 6

procedure : The first seeker is determined using a counting rhyme. This player must slowly count to 20 with closed eyes. If the playing field is very large, you can also choose to count to 30 or even higher. During this time, the other players can look for a good hiding place. If the viewfinder lands at the specified number, it calls out loudly “I’m coming!”. Now it’s his job to find all the other hidden players. The one who is discovered first is the seeker in the next game round and has to count and look for his classmates. Hide and seek is one of the most popular games for school break.

Catch chains

play catch

You need : 3 players or more, no material

Age: from age 6

procedure : Everyone knows how to play catching or running after during the break. One person runs after another and tries to touch them. If this succeeds, the other player is “trapped”. There is only a small extension to chain catching, because the prisoner has to hold the catcher’s hand and run across the field with him to catch the other players. If he catches another player, he too has to join the chain of catchers and hold the hand of the first prisoner. Over time, a human chain forms and it becomes more and more difficult to catch other people.

Rubber twist

rubber twist

You need : 3 or more players, a 3 – 4 m long, elastic rubber band (e.g. trouser elastic)

Age: from 8 years

procedure : In the rubber twist, an elastic rubber band is placed around the ankles of two players who are facing each other. The pupils stand with their legs hip-width apart at some distance from each other so that the tape offers about 30cm of space in the middle and is taut. The third player now hops between, on and in the tensioned belt according to a predetermined pattern and rhythm.

If the process is carried out without errors, the level of difficulty is increased by raising the elastic band. The most common order is ankles, calves, backs of the knees, below the buttocks, hips, waist, and less often below the armpits. It is also possible to make the feet or legs tighter and in this way to reduce the space between them. It is wide, when the ‘holders’ stand with their legs apart, then there is the tree trunk, in which the feet are close to each other, and the monopod, in which the band is only placed around one foot. In this way you can make the rubber twist hopping harder.

In each flawless lap, the tape lands one step higher. If there is a mistake, it is the next player’s turn to hop. Mistakes are, for example, when you touch a rubber even though it is not allowed to jump. In addition, if you get tangled in the rubber or get stuck. The hopper must also not step on the wrong rubber, not adhere to the correct sequence of jumps, or skip a jump.

The jump sequence in the rubber twist can be set individually. Jump in the middle, straddle both feet outside the rubber, hop on the rubber or jump out. You can also incorporate turns into the jumping rhythm. A little creativity is required here.

As a competition variant, in which everyone equally gets to the rubber twist hopping, the children can jump in the specified order one after the other and memorize points of failure. The child with the fewest mistakes is the winner.

The game is also known under the names rubber hopping, rubber hopping or rubber hopping.

heaven and hell

heaven and hell

You need : 1 or more players, chalk, pebble

Age: from 8 years

procedure : The hopscotch jumping game is a popular leisure game for the break. Some also call the movement game temple hopping, knuckle box or knuckle box. In doing so, 12 somewhat larger boxes are drawn on the street with chalk, in which one can then hop or crouch. The boxes should be the size that you can easily stand with one foot in them. At the very bottom the earth is painted, which can be a little bigger so that both feet can stand in it. The Hickel boxes are either all painted in a row or boxes 4 and 5 as well as 7 and 8 as boxes next to each other. Right at the top of field 12 is the sky, which can be a bit larger again and which serves as a breathing space. Field 11 is hell that you always have to skip.

The first player rolls the pebble onto the field. The field must be skipped. When jumping, no edge of the box must be touched, otherwise you will be thrown out. You can rest briefly on the Himmelfeld before starting the way back. On the way to earth, the player must pick up the pebble and skip the field again. In the next round the stone is thrown onto the next one, which then has to be skipped again. If you don’t hit, it’s next to you. The game ends when there is only one player left who has not made any mistakes or when one of the other players could skip all fields from earth to sky and back while jumping.

Table tennis run

table tennis

You need : 3-10 players, table tennis table and a ball

Age: from 9 years

procedure : In some school playgrounds you can find a table tennis table. Perfect! Because you need them for the game of table tennis. Two groups of the same size stand opposite each other at the table tennis table. As soon as the first ball has been played, the first player, after playing the ball back, runs to the end of the other group. The whole thing continues in a circle until a player has hit the ball past or missed it.

This must now sit out and wait until the next round. The fewer players there are, the faster you have to run to get to the ball on the other side. It is best not to push or push, because Broken bones and lacerations should be avoided. These are definitely not wanted in the game.

Indoor games for breaks

Simon says …

The children’s game Simon says …, also called Simon says … in German, is perfect as a short game for the break inside but also outside. The task is similar to the game ‘All the birds fly high’, because the players’ attention is required here too. The starting player begins with a request such as “Simon says, pinch your nose”. The players must now all comply with the request.

It continues with the next request … jump up, roll your eyes, scratch your chin, etc. The command only counts – and that is the central element of the game – even if “Simon says …” was said beforehand. Players who do not follow the request or follow it with a delay, or follow it when the announcer does not say Simon … previously said, are eliminated.

Journey of dreams

The Journey of Dreams is a game of relaxation. All students lie down or sit down comfortably and the teacher reads a fantasy story. Alternatively, you can let music play softly in the background and the children follow the story in their dreams. It is important that the students have contact with the ground during their dream trip – that is, they are grounded.

They shouldn’t be too close together later either, because this prevents them from disturbing each other during the relaxation phase. Everyone takes a seat and then the story can begin. It is best for teachers to begin their story in a low, rather monotonous voice.

pause pausenspiele edited

The teachers tell the dream story and send their students on the journey of dreams:

  • “You are floating on a white cloud. It is very soft and slowly carries you upwards. Do you see the school and the playground below you? They are getting smaller and smaller. “
  • Break
  • “Feel the sun tickling your nose. It’s nice how she spoils us with her rays. You will feel comfortably warm and comfortable. “
  • Break
  • “Do you smell that? What smells like that? You look around and discover a colorful meadow of flowers in the distance. So many beautiful colors can be seen. And trees, lots of trees with pink flowers. Breathe the scent deep inside you. “
  • Break
  • “You hear faint twittering. Where did it come from? Look closely. A bird sits on the branch down there and sings its song to you. Other bird voices join in and a beautiful melody is heard, mixed with the gentle beating of the wings. Listen carefully! How nice that sounds. “
  • Break
  • “Let yourself float on your cloud, enjoy the warmth of the sun, the bright colors, the beguiling scent and the lovely song of the birds.”
  • Break
  • “You fall asleep and breathe very evenly.”
  • A little longer break
  • “Slowly you are waking up again and you notice that the cloud has brought you back to earth. Slowly open your eyes, stand up and slowly move your legs and arms. Your dream trip is over. You’re awake!”

The dream story should be told in a voice that is as monotonous as possible. It is important that the students are far enough apart, do not disturb each other and can completely ‘let themselves go’. After the journey of dreams, everyone should be deeply relaxed. Of course you can also invent a dream trip story yourself.

Not yes, not no

This game is about asking other students questions Not to answer with the words “yes” or “no”. Of course, you can only ask questions that can only be answered with yes or no. Examples would be: “Do you like strawberry ice cream?” or “Did you sleep tonight?” Another example: “Do you have a cell phone?” The choice of questions is infinite. The only important thing is that you can only answer the question with yes or no. As soon as a child either answers the questions Yes or no answered, it is the next pupil’s turn as the questioner.

Card games

There are many card games that promise a varied break for children or young people. U.N and Mau Mau are known to every pupil and even in elementary school these games should be on display in the classroom for the break game. A quartet of cards or Black Peter is also perfect for the school break. There are quartets in different versions and they can even be instructive. By playing with the quartet, the students learn everything about cars, animals, cities, countries, mountains and more.

Cheese box

Game break cheese box

Another popular break game is the cheese box game, where all you need is colored pencils and squared paper. You usually don’t have a problem with that at school. On the paper, the students take turns drawing individual lines along the given lines. The aim of the pause game is to frame as many boxes as possible with your own color. The exact game instructions can be found here .

The minute game

Pause Spiel Minutenspiel edited

The main aim of this game is to let the school class calm down and to increase the ability to concentrate. All students bend forward in their place on the table and rest their heads on their arms. A minute! This is the time that you should guess after the teacher’s command.

Anyone who thinks the minute has passed sit up quietly and lean back on the chair – without commenting. The teacher keeps an eye on the time and notes the seconds of the individual students. The game ends after 90 seconds. Who was closest to the minute? The minute game promotes time awareness among primary school students, it contributes to relaxation and brings peace to the classroom. If you want, you can also add a second round. Who comes closest to the minute now?

questions and answers

Don’t children exert too much energy playing during the break?

That is exactly the goal of the break game. Pupils should be able to move around during the break in order to regenerate after longer periods of sitting and concentrating in class. Since elementary school students in particular still have a high urge to exercise, playing and romping around during the school break is a welcome change. Movement games are therefore perfect for taking a break from class.

Does romping around during the break promote concentration when changing furniture?

Short breaks in class or in the break between individual lessons have a positive effect on concentration. Children usually follow a natural urge to move. If this is not satisfied, there are more frequent disruptions in class. With short breaks in movement and also with relaxation exercises (see here ) the level of concentration can be increased immensely. Usually 5 minutes are enough.

Do you prefer a movement game or a relaxation game during the break?

For elementary school students, exercise games make more sense during the break. Her urge to move is still very high and sitting still and concentrating during the class is still a great challenge for her. Rubber twists, playing catch or hide and seek are suitable pause games to come back down and be fit for the next lesson. Games for relaxation can also be useful for older students. Here it depends on the individual person. Some have to work out, others need more rest during the break.

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