Who would rather is probably one of the most popular games when it comes to marriage, weddings, parties & celebrations. Most of the time you don’t have the who would rather ask and you look for a wolf in books, magazines and Google. That’s why we’ve put together over 100 fun questions here. There is also a quick guide with the rules and process of the game. The game became really known through countless YouTube challenges with well-known influencers. Who would rather is a party game for at least 3 participants. One person asks the questions and the other 2 answers.

Who would rather – game play

who would rather play

In Who would rather sit 2 players back to back and each player holds either two signs in different colors, or one of their own and the other person’s shoes in their hands. At wedding celebrations it would be one shoe of the bride and one of the groom, so the difference (white & black) can be clearly seen for whom one agrees with the questions. At parties, colored signs, mugs or other objects would make sense, because there you can not always recognize the shoes of the other players directly.

If both players sit back to back, the questions can begin. The third person, i.e. the questioner, reads one question after the other. Now those asked answer what they think, who would rather ask the question, in which they lift up the color or the shoe of themselves or the other.

100 Who would rather ask

Who would rather …?:

  1. 3 days without a cell phone?
  2. shave your head?
  3. go to a Helene Fischer concert?
  4. go swimming in a mountain stream?
  5. Eat baby food?
  6. dye your hair blue?
  7. steal from TEDi?
  8. go without meat for a week?
  9. get homeless?
  10. get drunk in the club?
  11. eat raw eggs?
  12. imprisoned?
  13. Put on sandals with tennis socks?
  14. go to the trash in underwear?
  15. go on a trip around the world?
  16. can do without toilet paper?
  17. survive in the jungle?
  18. get a tattoo?
  19. Spend 12 hours on the couch?
  20. go out without underwear?
  21. Go vegan
  22. forgot the wedding day?
  23. lose your driver’s license?
  24. Eat sausage with Nutella?
  25. pass one’s exit exams?
  26. make a good spy?
  27. Eating 300g Milka chocolate at once?
  28. go swimming with piranhas?
  29. steal a child’s lollipop?
  30. climb Mount Everest?
  31. go to the monastery?
  32. do without a shower for a week?
  33. become a saint?
  34. Hide money in your pillow?
  35. drink ten cans of Red Bull?
  36. do a week of wellness?
  37. participate in the Olympic Games?
  38. join a sect?
  39. delete his Instagram account?
  40. become a star and famous?
  41. Become a captain?
  42. get along without the internet?
  43. survive with 10 €?
  44. run barefoot in the rain?
  45. stop eating fast food?

Common questions

who would rather

Who would rather …?:

  1. participate in Naked under Plamen?
  2. wear his underwear for 2 days in a row?
  3. can do without toilet paper?
  4. fart in the office?
  5. have a face lift done?
  6. Take cocaine?
  7. don’t use toilet paper?
  8. sniff in the other person’s smartphone?
  9. twerking while dancing?
  10. drunk doing impossible things?
  11. pee in the pool?
  12. lose your wallet on vacation?
  13. vomit drunk?
  14. in your pants?
  15. cheat on his partner?
  16. to become addicted?
  17. make sex for money?
  18. live from papa state?
  19. be a racist?
  20. stay single forever?
  21. bully someone?
  22. betray his friend?
  23. Eat dog food?
  24. Prefer Hotel Mama?
  25. Launder mafia money?

Perverse questions

Who would rather …?:

  1. participate in a porn?
  2. have a threesome?
  3. Have sex on a first date?
  4. Go swimming naked?
  5. Use sex toys?
  6. come?
  7. have a wet dream?
  8. always want to be on top?
  9. have the louder orgasm?
  10. Do oral sex?
  11. have sex without protection?
  12. Use a flavored lubricant?
  13. Want to have sex several times a day?
  14. satisfy yourself in public?
  15. fake an orgasm?
  16. be a sexist?
  17. fall asleep while having sex?
  18. Swallow liquids?
  19. turn off the light?
  20. go to the porn cinema?
  21. have multiple sex partners at once?
  22. watch some porn after sex?
  23. go to a swingers club?
  24. got a venereal disease?
  25. wear an intimate piercing?
  26. Send intimate pictures via WhatsApp?
  27. get horny?
  28. Get addicted to sex?
  29. have his genitals operated?
  30. Having sex in front of others?

Who would rather … Drinking game


As for almost every popular game, there is also a drinking game version for “who would rather”.

The rules are explained quite quickly:

One person reads a question and everyone else points a finger at the person they think applies most. The player or players with the most “fingers” must drink. But remember, no alcohol is also no solution;) Joking aside, don’t overdo it and drink responsibly !

… want to have a child

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