The ever popular party game “Who am I” sometimes fails due to ideas or execution. That’s why we have you here over 100 ideas and suggestions Who am I composed for. If you don’t know the course of the game or the rules straight away, you can read them here.

Who am I game

Who am I is not only an absolute hit on birthdays or parties, it is also played a lot on the Internet. It’s about guessing a famous person, animal, or character from film and television. Who am I can be played by 2 or more people, age is absolutely irrelevant. However, it should not be so difficult to choose the terms when children are playing. For children, for example, heroes from popular comic series, well-known characters from the Disney classics or fairy tale characters are ideal.


Before every Who Am I game you should have small pieces of paper and sticky tape ready. The easiest way to do this is with Post-it and a pen. With 2 players, each player writes down a term and sticks it on the other’s forehead, of course without the opponent being able to read the word. When playing in a group, a player writes the person to be guessed, the animal or the figure on a piece of paper and sticks it on the forehead of any other person.

Now the player has to start guessing with the piece of paper on his forehead what he is representing. We have put together a few questions about this here . The questions can only be answered with yes or no, of course the questions must be formulated and asked accordingly. Questions like, “Am I a man or a woman?” are not allowed. If so, the only way to ask is: “Am I a man?” or “Am I a woman?”

This question is then answered according to the truth with yes or no. If you then ask the next question: “Is my hair blonde?”, It is only answered with yes or no. The game continues until the other player has guessed the right person / animal etc. which he / she should represent.

Who am I Ideas & Examples

who am i ideas

To really have a lot of fun with this game, you will find over 100 ideas, examples and suggestions for Who Am I here. You don’t have to think twice about it, just select the terms from the lists.

Persons – Female

  • Heidi Klum

  • Queen mom

  • Helene Fischer

  • Sandra Bullock

  • Angela Merkel

  • Angelina Jolie

  • Kim Kardashian

  • Iris Berben

  • Anne Frank

  • Yvonne Catterfeld

  • Beyoncé

  • Greta Thunberg

  • Meghan Markle

  • Emma Watson

  • Amal Clooney

  • Malala Yousafzai

  • Michelle Obama

  • Alice Schwarzer

  • Astrid Lindgren

  • Beate Uhse

  • Marlin Monroe

  • Lady Diana

  • Cher

  • Goldie Hawn

  • Franziska van Almsick

  • Regina Halmich

  • Verona fieldbusch

Persons – Male

  • George Clooney

  • Tobias Schweighöfer

  • Joe Biden

  • Tom Kaulitz

  • Michael sSchumacher

  • Brad Pitt

  • Boris Johnson

  • Til Schweiger

  • Henry mask

  • Albert Einstein

  • Henry Ford

  • Helmut Kohl

  • Lothar Matthäus

  • Dieter Hallervorden

  • Michael Jackson

  • Terence Hill

  • Harald Juhnke

  • Rudi Carrell

  • David Beckham

  • Johnny Depp

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Klaus Kinski

  • Wladimir Klitschko

  • Boris Becker


  • dog

  • mole

  • mouse

  • horse

  • bird

  • elephant

  • cat

  • parrot

  • tiger

  • fish

  • Snake

  • butterfly

  • bee

  • spider

  • crocodile

  • turtle

  • giraffe

  • monkey

  • duck

  • stork

  • cow

  • sheep

  • earthworm

  • Cockchafer

  • Eagle

  • ass

  • turtle


  • Superman

  • Bugs Bunny

  • Asterix

  • Batman

  • Mickey mouse

  • Scrooge McDuck

  • Iron man

  • Spiderman

  • Spongebob

  • Snoopy

  • Popeye

  • Papa Smurf

  • Pumuckl

  • Fred Flintstone

  • Heidi

  • Peter Pan

  • Cinderella

  • Goofy

  • Werner

  • joker

  • Bugs Bunny

  • Garfield

  • Obelix

  • Nemo

What am I for – jobs

What am I is the archetype of the game Who am I. It was not invented by the Swiss, it was invented by First German television in 1955 Developed as a TV quiz in the form of a career advice. Since the games are very similar, we also have some examples for What am I.

  • Teacher

  • Carpenter

  • Doctor

  • Drivers

  • construction worker

  • Nurse

  • Policewoman

  • Politician

  • Unemployed

  • Saleswoman

  • Programmer

  • baker

  • Graphic artist

  • vet

  • Butcher

  • Trainer

  • pharmacist

  • Hairy

  • Excavator operator

  • Banker / woman

  • Mechanic

Who am I asking

who am i asking

After the ideas, the questions you ask your teammate are another important part of this game. Without the right questions, you will probably never guess who you are, who to portray. Or it just takes too long and makes the game too fun. So here we have the best Who Am I questions for the quick success to win this game.

General questions

You should ask these questions first to find out whether you are depicting a person, animal or figure. They make the further questioning much easier. So it’s best to start with the following Who-Am-I questions:

  • Am i a man / woman?

  • Am i young / old?

  • Am i famous

  • Am i tall / small?

Questions about a person

  • Am i a man / woman?

  • Am i young / old?

  • Am i famous

  • Am i tall / small?

  • Am i still alive?

  • Am I blonde / black / brown / brunette?

  • Am I light-skinned / dark-skinned?

  • Am i an actor

Questions about animals

  • Do i have fur?

  • Can i fly

  • Am I making noise?

  • Do i have feathers?

  • Do i live in the forest?

  • Can i swim

  • Am i tall / small?

  • Do i have teeth?

Drinking game extreme variant

“Who am I” is at least as much fun as wet and happy. The party game has quickly become a drinking game if you can play for everyone No Having to drink a sip of alcohol after a question asked. The difficulty here is to get as little “no” as possible, otherwise the evening could be over after 2-3 game rounds. Please keep in mind that too much alcohol can be very dangerous, drink carefully and definitely do not drive a car afterwards.

Who am I Challenges

The game does not leave YouTube without a trace, because it is at the forefront of every challenge and is very popular with influencers. No wonder, because no eye stays dry here and fun is guaranteed.


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