When it’s really hot in summer, very few people want to miss out on fun games. Summer, sun and water form a good basis to make these games a blast at any party or celebration.

The best games for the summer

Games with water are a lot of fun, especially in summer when it’s really hot. The cool water provides refreshment and is always welcome in the summer heat with children and adults. So if you’re having an outdoor summer party, water games should definitely be on the agenda. For the best water games you will find the description and the rules of the game here.

Lawn water slide challenge

Summer games

For the water slide challenge, a few large garbage bags or a large plastic tarpaulin or foil and a little water are enough to have a lot of fun. Simply lay out the tarpaulin on a meadow or on an area with a soft surface without stones and get it really wet with water. In the best case, you have a slightly derogatory terrain, then it slips again as well. If you want, you can put the water hose down at the top and let a trickle run over the tarpaulin. In summer, children, teenagers and adults alike have a lot of fun playing this game with water.

You will need:

  • good summer weather
  • soft ground (meadow)
  • large tarpaulin or several large garbage bags
  • water

Depth charges battle

The depth charge battle is perfect for a children’s birthday party in summer Birthday game . Whereby – why only children? Of course, adults also have a lot of fun with this refreshing summer game. The game participants are divided into two groups of equal size and compete against each other with the help of balloons filled with water. The most refreshing are the hits on the body, because the balloons burst and the water splashes in all directions. So if you need a refreshment in summer, it is best not to avoid the depth charges in the first place, but let yourself be bombed voluntarily.

The right balloons for water bombs are available in well-stocked toy stores, in the toy department of supermarkets or online at Amazon. It is best to prepare for the balloon water fight in the morning by filling the water bombs and placing them in large wash bowls ready for the party. The best way to fill it is to carefully slide the opening of the balloons over the tap and slowly let water run in. Meanwhile there is also a special system (water bomb ostrich), with which you can fill several water bombs at the same time.

You will need:

  • Summer weather
  • several packs of water bomb balloons
  • Water from the tap or hose
  • large bowls for storing the filled balloons

Battle of the water pistols

summer water games

A water gun is the perfect summer toy. When it’s really hot, you fill them with cold water and go into battle with it. A birthday party doesn’t need much more than a water pistol for each player and several buckets filled with water. The buckets are placed at a sufficient distance from one another and are used to reload the ‘magazine’ again and again. The fight of the water pistols is the ideal summer game for hot days.

You will need:

  • several water guns
  • several buckets
  • water

Water volleyball

Water volleyball is played either at home in the swimming pool or in the swimming pool during the summer. Some outdoor pools even have a separate pool over which a volleyball net is stretched. When visiting the swimming pool with friends, you can do other sports in addition to the actual swimming, which is too boring for many. You don’t need more than two groups, a net and a ball, to play water volleyball. In terms of process, water volleyball is not that different from normal volleyball.

The ball should not land in the water, but should be carried over the net to the opposing side. He may be touched three times in his own playing field before he has to wander over the net to the other side. If he falls into the water in his own field or is thrown under the net, the opposing team receives one point. The volleyball can be moved with all parts of the body, but should not touch the surface of the water. If you want, you can of course skip counting the points and just play for fun.

What is needed:

  • Swimming pool / pool
  • Water volleyball net
  • ball

Ass bomb challenge

arschbombe sommer edited

In summer you can go to the outdoor pool. Somehow you need to cool down, and that’s best for yourself in cool water. Most children and young people don’t just go swimming, they want to experience something. So what can you do in the swimming pool to make the day fun? Correct! An ass bomb challenge. Best of all: You don’t need anything other than a bikini or swimming trunks.

The Ass Bomb Challenge is about letting the water splash as high as possible while jumping into the pool. The best thing to do is to assign an impartial observer to follow the challenge. He can then determine the winner. Of course, the Ass Bombing Challenge cannot be carried out if the swimming pool or pool is hopelessly overcrowded.

Anyone jumping into the water from the edge of the pool must always make sure that they do not endanger any other swimmer. In some outdoor pools, it is even forbidden to jump into the pool from the edge. No problem, because there is the starting block or the springboard from which you can jump. But here, too, you have to watch out for other pool visitors.

Trampoline under water

games summer

The summer game trampoline under water is a very simple way of not breaking a sweat while jumping on the trampoline, even in summer. Here you simply tie the garden hose vertically upwards on the trampoline, put on a nozzle for misting and you have an absolutely cheap way to hop through the water. With every jump, the cold water is whirled into the air. Perfect for the hottest days of the year.

Diving rings

Sommerspiel Ringe tauchen edited

Diving rings is another summer game for the swimming pool or the pool in the garden. in the trade you get ‘diving rings’ that sink in the water, sink to the bottom of the pool and stay upright there. The diving game is perfect for the first diving exercises, but chlorine goggles should be used in chlorinated water to prevent eye irritation.

The rings are thrown into the water from the edge of the pool and then have to be fished out again from the bottom of the pool. You can slowly increase the level of difficulty by gradually choosing deeper and deeper water points. When children play rings, they should always be supervised by an adult.

Treasure in the ice

The game Treasure in the Ice takes one to two days to prepare. It is a summer birthday game that provides a welcome cooling off on hot days. You take a large, cold-resistant bowl (definitely not porcelain, because it cracks) and fill it with a little water. Small ‘treasures’ are put into this water. These can be small packets of gummy bears, plastic toys, trailers and the like that can withstand the water. The bowl is then placed in the freezer and the water is allowed to freeze.

Then the next layer of water is added and gifts are frozen again. You go on like this until you have a nice block of ice full of little treasures. At the birthday party, the well-frozen block of ice is turned out of the bowl. The birthday guests can now use ‘tools’ to rescue the treasure in the ice. You can also do this with your bare hands by simply letting the ice melt by rubbing it. At the end, the treasure freed from the ice will be shared fairly.

Sponge throwing

Sommer Spiel Schwammwerfen edited

A funny summer game that is a lot of fun is sponge throwing. You need several packs of small cleaning sponges, which are not expensive in large packs, and enough water buckets. Fill the buckets with cool water and let the battle begin. Everyone takes a couple of sponges, dips them into the water and throws them at other players. A lot of fun when it’s really hot again. The sponges can later easily be used for cleaning bicycle spokes, for example.

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