The game of solitaire and 9 exciting variants


The card game Solitaire for single players, also known by the spellings Solitair or Solitaire, once conquered the digital world of card games in the Klondike version. The aim is to sort the cards alternately into black and red and then place them in ascending order on the ace’s stacks. The player starts with a free solitaire round and finds the right solution even for challenging combinations.

Klondike solitaire has been popular since the 1990s when Microsoft Windows 3.0 first included a free version of this card game. Subsequent iterations of the system and Windows Phone also have a preinstalled or free downloadable variant of Solitaire.

The free online game Solitaire offers gamers a special level system with which they receive important experience points after a successful game. Solitaire automatically saves the game so that the player does not lose his progress and can stop and continue playing at any time. In addition, the solitaire levels are completely solvable.

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Solitaire is a card game for one person. Its translation from the French language shows perfectly what it is all about. The translation for this is “patience”.

According to the story, the game originated in Germany or France in the 18th century when prisoners were passing the time. However, its origin is not entirely clear. Even Napoleon is said to have particularly enjoyed playing the game.

In the card game Solitaire, the players must place the cards on display from different piles according to defined rules in 4 piles in the appropriate order, at least in the known variants. Here, the players can sort the cards in advance through certain actions, but only alternately according to their color.

If the player succeeds in sorting all the cards correctly and thus playing through the stacks, he wins the game. This requires a bit of planning and for many players there is something lost in thought about it. At the same time, luck also plays an important role.

This game is especially popular on the computer because it has been known as one of the standard games in the Windows system for a long time. This is where most players got to know it.

There are several different variants of Solitaire, some of which can easily be found on the web, for example in an online book version.

If you are looking for a little change from that classic, you can definitely find a number of the individual variants and spend some time with them.

Game versions of Solitaire I


Solitaire knows several different types. The types heart to heart, thirteen times four and red and black play an important role.

Red and black

For the red and black version of solitaire, the player needs 52 cards, which are shuffled back into a deck. Then he draws 2 cards. If one of the cards is black and the other is red, then the player may set them aside. Otherwise they go on a separate pile. This is then done with all cards until the rest of the cards are gone. Then, in the solitaire version, the deck on which the cards that were not in the two-pack black and red came is shuffled again and another round begins.

If the player has divided all cards into black and red after 2 rounds, then he has won. This is a particularly exciting way to play the game of solitaire.

heart to heart

That solitaire is laid with a 32-hand deck. The player is done with this form of solitaire when he manages to eliminate all 8 heart cards. To do this, he first shuffles the cards and then forms the talon. In this game, the playing cards are laid face down. In that version of solitaire, the first thing to do is deal three cards side by side. If there is a heart, players set it aside. The players then place three more cards over the first three cards so that they are only half covered.

The process will run 5 times. Every heart is sorted out. At the end, the players collect all the playing cards that were in play, except for the heart cards, and then shuffle them again. Then they lay out the cards again, as at the beginning and repeat everything as at the beginning and this a total of 3 times. If the players then have all their hearts back, they have won, otherwise they have lost.

Thirteen times four

The thirteen times four form of solitaire requires a deck of 52 cards. The value of the playing cards must be taken into account. An ace counts for one and then simply in order up to a king. Here the value is 13. The playing cards are laid out in a row of 13 cards in total. If a card lands on the agreed value, then the player takes it out again. This must leave a free space and in this solitaire version is placed one row above the other.

The player repeats this a total of 4 times. Then all playing cards are laid out and he can start moving. A card may only be placed in the original position (e.g. queen in row 12). If all 4 cards of the same rank are in place, then the player may not move any further. In this solitaire version, he then wins in the end if he has divided all the cards according to their value.

Game versions of Solitaire II

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Variant II of the game Solitaire also has different types. The solitaire categories “Goodbye” and “The Wheel” are particularly appreciated.


The Solitaire game Goodbye requires a French deck of 52 cards to play. This is divided into 12 packs of 4 cards each and the remaining 4 go face down in the talon. The 12 packets are then placed face down in a row. The aim is to sort the cards so that they are in ascending order from the ace to the king. This is always done in the appropriate colors. The player begins by picking up the top card of the first deck and sliding it under the ranked deck.

After that, the player takes the top card on the pack. If he finds a king, he begins a thirteenth pack. Then the player turns over the first card on the talons. If he can no longer take the top card of the pack because this value already matches the pack, he has lost this game. If everything is correct, the cards that the player placed first under the packet will be revealed at the end.

The wheel

For the solitaire version “The Wheel” the player needs 52 cards. These are mixed first. Then, in the variant, he places the first twelve face down in the middle as an auxiliary stack and can then distribute 8 cards in a circle around the auxiliary stack. The cards should point to the auxiliary stack with the narrower side. This should result in the shape of the wheel and the 8 cards also serve as spokes. The following card is placed under the wheel as the base card. Note that the player leaves room for three other base cards.

The basic cards in this solitaire game are used to build “mixed families”. This means that every red card can be followed by a black one and vice versa. However, this only works for a few types of solitaire. If there is a red jack, then the following card is a black queen. In order to win the game, the player must build four of these rows on the base cards and process all the cards in them.

In this type of solitaire, all other basic cards have the same values as the first basic card. This means if the first playing card is an 8 of hearts, all other three eights cards (clubs, spades and diamonds) must be the other basic cards. Therefore, the player first looks to see whether one of the 8 cards placed or the first on the auxiliary pile shows the value of the base card. If this is the case, then that map is immediately used as the new basemap.

After that, the player can always remove cards from the wheel, according to the rules of solitaire. If a space becomes free, it is filled with a card from the auxiliary stack. If the auxiliary stack is empty in this solitaire variant, a new playing card is simply taken from the talon. However, if none of the cards on the wheel are correct, then the player takes the top card of the talon, since it can also play. If this does not fit either, it is placed on the discard pile. If the player plays everything like this and at the end not all cards have come to the base cards, then he has lost.

Game versions of Solitaire III

solitaire pyramid

The game Solitaire III knows many different types. Solitaire is described with a total of “eight packets”, “the good thirteen”, “the color elf” and “the elf”.

The Color Elf

The solitaire game “Die Farbenelf” is played with a 52-card deck. The playing cards are displayed in four decks of four cards each. The rest stays in the talon. In this solitaire game, the player may only discard playing cards if they are of the same suit and add up to 11. The resulting gaps are filled by the talon. In the version of Solitaire, a jack, king, queen or ace may only be discarded if a playing card of the same suit is available. The player has won when he can use up the talon in this way and all the cards have been discarded.

The eight-pack solitaire

For the game “Eight Pack Solitaire” the player needs only 32 cards. These are divided into 8 packs of 4 cards each, according to the name of the solitaire. In each pack, 3 cards are hidden and one remains open. The player must always take away two cards of the same value. If this is no longer possible, he has lost. If two cards are gone, the player may turn over the playing cards lying underneath them (always one for each pack). If, on the other hand, the player has 3 of the same playing cards available, he may look under the cards and only then decide which ones to take away.

The elf

In the solitaire game “The Elf” the player needs a 52 card set. Here, the first twelve cards of the player set are placed on the table. This is suitable for arranging the cards in . Then, in this version of solitaire, the player looks for cards that add up to 11 again. The color doesn’t matter in this case. Cards that have pictures must be taken back by the player when they are laid out and placed under the talon, unless he already has a pair, because then the picture card is placed on top of it. If the player has won, there are 12 pairs with pictures on them at the end.

This type of solitaire is rather unofficial. Today, gamers usually play this on the computer, as this saves them the work of laying out the cards manually.

The good thirteen

For the solitaire game The Good Thirteen, the player takes a 52 deck of cards. This lays down the first 10 cards of the talon, the rest stay where they are. In this type of solitaire, the playing cards are always discarded when they have a total value of thirteen. The color does not play a role here and at the same time the king can be put away alone, since this already counts for the thirteen. The player wins when he has used up all the cards in the talon.

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