In times of pandemic in particular, board games are coming back to life and are more popular than ever. These games can be played at home with 2 or more people or with the whole family. No matter if it is Card games , Board games , Dice games or guessing games, they all have one thing in common: They are a lot of fun and provide amusement. This includes not only board games for adults, but also family games that children can play along with.

Top 10 board games

We went looking for the best board games for you2023 picked out. We just had to remind ourselves of some of them because they had long been forgotten. The flood of new games is still great and more fascinating games are added every year. Of course, our list is to be assessed absolutely subjective, because when it comes to playing it is purely about the personal preferences of everyone. Some prefer card games, others think board games are great, others like to guess or rather play placement or dice games. Our top 10 board games therefore fully follow our personal taste. Nevertheless, you can get suggestions and try out for yourself whether you like them.

Top 10 – Great Western Trail

Board games Great Western Trail

The 10th place among the top 10 parlor games is the board game Great Western Trail . The title landed on the recommendation list for the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2017 and is a strategic challenge for two to four players from the age of 8. As a cattle breeder you go on a journey through the prairie of America and manage your herd of cattle. This parlor game requires cleverness and good timing. There are thousands of possible combinations, there are many pitfalls, but you also have many opportunities to keep the cattle together and get them to their destination. Great Western Trail has an inexhaustible amount of strategy options that make it incredibly attractive for players to replay.

Top 9 – Escape Room The game

escape room gesellschaftsspiel edited

If you need pure thrills, you should definitely check out the game Escape room gain. The Escape Room Basic Game contains four exciting cases with different levels of difficulty. You have exactly 60 minutes to solve the tricky tasks together with all players. The clock is ticking mercilessly – every second counts! Think outside the box, listen carefully, work as a team and talk to each other to solve the puzzles. Very entertaining! That’s why we ranked 9th in the top 10 board games. The games are intended for 2 – 5 players. There are game expansions for different age groups. One hour of high voltage is preprogrammed. Note that for all Escape Room cases you need the base game first, because it contains the Chrono Decoder, which you need for all game expansions.

Top 8 – Tabu (or Tabu XXL)

taboo board games

The entertaining game is also a real party classic taboo . More precisely Taboo XXL , because this version allows a larger number of players. At Tabu XXL you get four game variants in one pack. You have to explain words without pronouncing the given word, you have to explain things with as few terms as possible, draw words or mime them with the enclosed knotted groove. Not easy! But that’s exactly what makes this kind of board game so fun and makes the communication game Tabu a real party cracker. The game Tabu is now available in different variations: Tabu Classic, Tabu Family Edition, Tabu Junior and Tabu Midnight – the taboo for adults with terms related to sex.

Top 7 – Nobody is perfect

nobody is perfect edited

Nobody is perfect is an ingenious social game for young people and adults. It is great as a party game and is intended for up to 10 players. Nobody is perfect game is a creative guessing and communication game. In response to a question, whispers are whispered and incredible stories are told. Who is the best to dupe the others and guess the correct answer? With us, the creative game lands in 7th place in the top ten board games because it is absolutely socially acceptable, is played frequently and has therefore not had a chance of ending up anywhere in the back of the games cabinet.

Top 6 – Krazy Wordz

krazy wordz board game

With Krazy Wordz (sometimes also called Crazy Words) you get a really funny word inventing and guessing game for the whole family in your game shelf, which is also perfect for a party evening. As a basic game, the board game for adults and children can be played with up to 7 people. No eye is guaranteed to stay dry during games evening, because new word creations are constantly being created. Who is putting together the funniest words and who can guess most of them? With this game you can keep the entire party company busy, and Krazy Wordz or Krazy Wordz Family are also great games during a game evening within the family, and they are always happy to bring them to the gaming table. Now also as Krazy Pix (Crazy Pics).

Top 5 – Monopoly

board games monopoly

As a parlor game, Monopoly ranks fifth with us. Some people may have forgotten the board game because the games industry will soon be launching new games on a monthly basis. But Monopoly is a great classic that definitely belongs in the top 10 board games and brings long fun for the entire family. The classic board game is now available in numerous versions.

Top 4 – Don’t get angry

don't get angry at board game

Fancy a game in between? Don’t worry, it definitely belongs in the top 10 family and board games. The board game is perfect for keeping children busy and it is always a pleasure to unpack it on games evenings. The rules are so simple and pretty much everyone knows them. So you can get started right away without long preparation and explanations. The practical thing is that you can always invent new rules and thereby increase the level of difficulty. Since the game is suitable for young and old, it definitely deserves at least a place in the middle of the top 10 board games.

Top 3 – Activity

Activity best board games

The party game Activity is a real party cracker that brings atmosphere to the booth. The action game is also suitable as a family game with children – in addition to the Activity Original game, there is also Activity Family Classic and Activity Junior for children aged 8 and over. Drawing, pantomiming terms, rewriting words – all of this is required in this parlor game. The activity game is also suitable for larger groups and is therefore the perfect party game.

Top 2 – Kniffel

Board games Kniffel Yatzy

The dice game Kniffel is the unrivaled classic among the games that are played with dice. It is known as Yahtzee or Yatzy with similar features. The rules of the dice game are the same for both. It is important to be able to tick off a combination of dice on your block by rolling the dice several times. If this does not succeed, one of the Kniffel combinations that can be achieved has to be deleted. At the end it is evaluated who has achieved the most points. You can get an original replacement knife block on which you can enter your cube combinations in well-stocked toy shops or online. There are kniffel templates for printing here .

Top 1 – UN

board games uno

The card game UNO should not be missing from our list of the best board games. It is considered to be one of the most popular card games. Children from the age of six can play along without any problems. In addition, UNO is suitable for up to 10 players. There are several UNO editions: UNO Extreme with a slot machine that throws multiple cards if one of the players cannot place. Then UNO Flash, the variant of which is all about speed. UNO Junior, in which the number cards are also provided with pictures of animals, and UNO Flip, with cards printed on both sides. The UNO Dice game of dice is played with dice instead of cards. Also at the UN play online With PC, Nintendo DSI, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the parlor game has found many fans in times of the pandemic.

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