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online roulette

Next to BlackJack and Poker, Roulette is the most popular casino game on the gaming tables. For this reason you can play roulette online with us for free, without registration, registration and with play money. In German online casinos you can currently no longer play roulette for real money, but also not for play money. The reason for this is the new gambling law which comes into force this year. With this law, online casinos in Germany are only allowed to offer slot machines with real money or play money. But even here you have to store your data and verify yourself. With us you can still play online roulette without registration and with Play money play.

Online roulette – play here for free

In this version you can play European roulette for free. No real commitment and no time limit, 24/7 demo play.

In this version you play the European version of online roulette for free. Here you can play with play money or points, you can only play for real money with high stakes play here . There is no time limit and data does not have to be deposited with us in order to be able to play for free. If the play money is used up, simply reload the page with CTRL and F5 and you have the full score again.

online roulette

Online Roulette Explanation

Roulette is a game of fortune telling, so to speak. The players at the table predict where the ball will go in the bowl after it has been spun. There are some supposed ways to mathematically predict which number the ball will land on. But this is more like a calculation of various factors. Roulette is and will remain a game of chance and you shouldn't bother trying to calculate your luck.

The cauldron has numbers from 1-36, alternating in red and black. The only green chamber is 0. As soon as the game begins, the croupier turns the wheel and then throws the ball in the opposite direction into the edge of the wheel.

Then there are the colored fields red & black. If you bet on it and the ball remains in the chosen color, you win 2: 1. But you can also bet on even and odd numbers. For example, if you bet on the number 13, i.e. odd, and the roulette ball remains there, you win 2: 1 as with colors. That means, you win the amount that you have also wagered.

Different variants also available online

European roulette

online roulette

European roulette should be considered rather than one Style of play consider. Of course, the playing field is also arranged a little differently, but the bowl is the same as in the French version. However, there are no major differences here, as is the case with the French and American variants.

French roulette

This variant is probably the best known, because it is also offered most frequently in casinos and casinos.

American roulette

The difference between the American roulette variant is the green double zero. There is not only the simple green zero, but also a second chamber with a green 00.

Play online roulette with play money

Play for free

Since this year it has not been possible to play roulette online in any online casino. Not with real money and also not with play money. The reason for this lies in the new State Treaty on Gambling in Germany. This does not allow roulette, poker or blackjack in online casinos, only slot machines are allowed. That is why we offer the game with points and play money, because normal websites are not subject to the law. Even the stakes are not capped here with play money, here you can still play with high stakes.

Play roulette online step by step

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Here we show you in just a few steps how to play online roulette for free

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  1. Roulette Game & Loading Page

    After our website has completely loaded, the game loads at the same time, you and the game are ready to play.

  2. Understand the game


    Roulette is not a simple casino game. Here you should understand the meaning, the process and the fields before playing. You can find an explanation for this above in the post.

  3. Make bets


    If you dare to play the game, you have to place your bets. In this roulette game the stakes go up to 100 € play money maximum bet. Of course, you can also split the amount and place € 50 on red and € 50 on odd.

  4. Play

    online roulette

    Once you have understood the game and wagered money, you can click on “Spin” and the game begins. The ball begins to turn in the bowl and then stops at some point. If you bet correctly, the winnings will now be paid out.

Can I still play roulette in a German online casino?

No! No online casino with a German license is allowed to offer roulette games online. This is prohibited by the new State Treaty on Gambling, which comes into force this year.

Can I play for free here?

Yes. With us it is still possible to play roulette online for free. You play here with play money and points without any registration or verification.

Which variant is offered here?

With us you can play the European variant of online roulette. Other variants such as American or French roulette will follow.

Real money roulette or play money?

Here you only play for play money without any real stake. Thus, no real money has to be deposited in order to play roulette online. With real money you can here play.

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