MMORPG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) are online games where you often play against or with thousands of other players in an open world. In the times of World of Warcraft, hardly any computer gamer could do without an RPG, but MMORPGs are still rather rare on consoles. In this post we show you the 10 best online MMORPG games for the year2022 .

Top 10 best MMORPG 2022

Many new MMOs appear every year, but only a few survive and are played for years. New genres, such as Battle Royale MMOrpgs, suddenly appear on the scene and experience a hype. You could also say that massively multiplayer online games are the new kind of Board games are. Because here, too, you have social contact with other players. Not face to face, but with voice and images over the Internet.

Our tip! casinoly, a whole new kind of MMO

casinoly is the first MMO where you can compete against many other players to win real money. Compete in duels against other players and use features and potions to weaken your opponent and win the round. Rise to the top of the leaderboard and receive prizes in the form of real money. You can see the process here in our gallery:

Rank 10: The World of Chaos (RPG)

9th place: Neverwinter (online role-playing game)

8th place: The Elder Scrolls Online (MMORPG)

7th place: League of Angels (MMO)

6th place: New World (MMORPG)

5th place: Final Fantasy XIV (MMORPG)

4th place: Drachenblut 2 (Free2Play MMO)

3rd place: Fortnite (Battle Royale)

With Fortnite, battle royale games got a whole new level of attention. The first BR was PubG, but due to the graphics and the gameplay this could not prevail in the long run.

2nd place: World of Warcraft (WOW)

WOW experienced its real hype a few years ago. However, this has now flattened out somewhat. For this reason, World of Warcraft is only in second place in our top 10. Nevertheless, the World of Warcraft guys always try hard to bring new seasons, content and expansions to the market.

1st place: Warzone (Battle Royale MMORPG)

Call of Duty Warzone should be known to everyone by now, because the game is one of the most famous battle royale games alongside Fortnite. Up to 100 players jump out of a plane or helicopter, land on an island and play against each other in teams or in single mode. The goal is to be one of the last players on the island. So that each round does not last infinitely long, a circle of fog, smoke or gas narrows and you always have to stay in the “clean” zone. There are boxes on the map that you open to find special items or weapons. There is also money in it that can be used to buy special features in shops.

All in all, this type of battle royale is a very entertaining type of computer game and console game.

Explanation & Notes

With all MMOs, regardless of whether MMORPGs ( M. assively M. ultiplayer O nline R. ole- P. laying G ames) or Battle Royale, the gameplay is the same. You play with or against many other players online and depending on the genre there are shooters, online multiplayer adventure games or role-playing games. Whether on the computer, smartphone or console, this is about playing with as many other players as possible at once. Often everything takes place on one map, but especially with online multiplayer players or Browser games is played on different worlds.


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Answer questions

Are there any free MMO games?

Yes! Many are Free2Play, browser games in particular, but also console games can be played at no cost. However, every manufacturer aims to make money through in-game purchases.

Which game is the best?

Everyone has to decide for themselves, because the tastes are very different here. Some like shooters, others like role-playing or action games. In our top 10 we have something from every category.

What is an MMO?

This is a genre of computer games and console games. In Massively multiplayer online Playing you are in a virtual world and play with hundreds or even thousands of players together or against each other over the Internet. Communication via headset or webcam is also an important aspect. Since the beginning of the 2000s, MMORPGs have been an integral part of the world of gamers. Tournaments, day-long events and previous LAN parties made this category so successful and it is still at the top of computer games today, over 20 years later.

When are new games coming?

Actually, you can count on several manufacturers to bring out new games every year. Some are good, some not so good. New World should be emphasized here, because the media promise a whole new level of online games here. Under the Head of AmazonGames we developed the game for years but postponed the release again and again. Perhaps gamers will be able to play the beta version at least this year.

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