The ultimate party game I’ve never … is currently one of the most popular drinking games and it ensures a relaxed atmosphere, both in a social setting and online. In English the game becomes I never … or. Never I have ever … called. In every round of the game, some interesting truths about your fellow players come to light. But it always depends on which questions are asked. We have the best I have never gathered questions for you below.

I never have rules for the party game

I've never had a party game

Usually you play the board game I have never… as a drinking game. This means that you should have enough drinks ready to play. The never-before-have rules are very easy, quick to explain and easy to implement. You don’t need much preparation for I’ve never because all you need are a few drinks, a little spontaneity and of course your friends. Since meetings are currently not always possible due to the corona pandemic, just have an online party and play the drinking game as a zoom meeting, via a team viewer meeting or via Skype. You will see that this is a lot of fun too.

The gameplay in Never Have I Ever

The I’ve never had it before is very simple. The starting player begins his sentence with “Never have I …” and adds a true statement about his life, something that he has actually never done. For example, he can say “I’ve never got an A in math”. If one of the other players has already done it or has experienced it, he has to drink a sip of alcohol (optionally something non-alcoholic, cucumber water or another disgusting drink). Then the next player is allowed to make his statement with “I have never …”. It is always played clockwise. If you play the party game on the PC as a meeting, you simply determine the order in advance.

Never have I ever had questions for the drinking game

I have never asked

If you do that Drinking game I have never want to play, you should think about a few questions beforehand. What have you always wanted to know about your teammates? There are sure to be a lot of funny questions you can ask. Are you also interested in the love life of your friends? Here we go! Here you will find a number of delicate and sometimes perverse I never have any questions.

Delicate Sex Questions for Never Have I …

I’ve never…

  • Had sex in the swimming pool.

  • had sex in the shower.

  • caught someone inflagranti.

  • had sex with more than one person.

  • made an ‘affair’.

  • booked a hotel room for a night of love.

  • had a one night stand.

  • dialed the phone sex hotline.

  • dreamed of hot sex.

  • watched a porn.

  • Had sex with a same-sex partner.

  • Tried sex toys.

  • faked an orgasm.

  • masturbates / masturbates.

  • secretly watched someone having sex.

  • Thought of another during sex.

  • had a blind date.

  • kissed someone stranger.

  • unhooked someone’s partner.

  • had a vacation flirt.

  • Have sex with someone who is much older.

  • had a vibrator in hand.

  • bought in the sex shop.

  • thought “hopefully the sex will be over quickly”.

  • Had sex outdoors.

  • slept naked.

Even more embarrassing I’ve never had any questions

I have never…

  • the underwear not changed.

  • ate a booger.

  • pissed as an adult.

  • farted so loud that others could hear.

  • Naked photos taken of me / let them be made.

  • spent a night in jail.

  • something stolen in the hotel room.

  • ordered online and not paid for.

  • let something go unpaid in the department store.

  • not brushing my teeth.

  • kicked my bill in the pub.

  • cheated while playing.

  • lied to my partner.

  • wished someone dead.

  • Broke up with someone via WhatsApp or SMS.

  • had an intoxication with a film tear.

  • had a car accident.

  • Owed.

  • Pumped money without giving it back.

  • Vacationed without my parents.

  • given a false identity.

  • stalked another person on the internet.

  • revealed a secret that was entrusted to me.

  • blackened a colleague at the boss.

  • sung in the shower.

  • placed a contact ad.

  • Rumors started to harm someone.

  • secretly photographed someone with their cell phone.

  • blackmailed someone.

  • Felt jealousy.

  • Addressed my partner by a false name.

  • something old is sold as “new”.

  • smoked a cigarette.

  • visited a nudist beach.

  • had a phone call for over an hour.

  • rummaged on dating sites.

  • get a ‘basket’.

  • get a tattoo.

  • worn a thong.

  • had a sick note without being sick.

  • Clothes worn by others.

  • tries to crack a password.

  • slapped someone.

  • experienced a police check.

  • took an alcohol test.

  • Smoked cannabis.

  • not allowed to enter a disco.

  • peed in the pool water.

  • located in the hospital.

  • stalking someone secretly.

  • worn another person’s underwear.

  • took the first step towards getting to know each other.

  • deliberately skipping an appointment.

  • done something I didn’t want.

  • gave away a gift.

  • get a love letter.

  • no underwear worn under my clothes.

  • Told someone that I love them.

  • watched a porno magazine.

  • eaten in bed.

  • stayed in a tent.

  • participated in a class trip or similar.

  • met someone on vacation.

I’ve never… Extremely perverted

I have never played online before

As a pastime, you can play the game I’ve never played online on the website. You can also drag the Ichhabnochnie app onto your mobile phone and play the game on the go. There are now several apps and different variants. Special adult apps can also be found, with correspondingly suggestive questions. The best of these is probably the application for my smartphone. The drinking game is still the most fun when playing with friends on a boozy evening. If you want, you can use the app as an aid, because there are more than 1000 cards with ideas for I have never had statements.

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