One of the best party games ever is Either … or with perverted and embarrassing questions. In the following you will find 100 either or questions which are not really suitable for minors 🙂 This one game makes every boring party an absolute blast, especially when you are in the 18+ extreme -Version plays with really uncomfortable questions. Erotic or sexually related questions upset every player and not everyone will answer the questions, I promise!

How to play Either or 18+

Since either or is a question game, at least 2 players have to take part, because it is not much fun to ask yourself the questions! In addition, this is about the extreme and perverse version, so we recommend that the players are of legal age. The game is also known from English as “Would you rather …?” and is a fun pastime for parties, lonely hours for two or to get to know each other.

There are no rules or instructions for this game, because it is really simple, but it is still a game Board game . One person asks another person one of the following questions. The respondent now has to choose one answer, either one or hold the other. You can’t answer one of the questions, otherwise you could stop the game right away. At Either or extreme it really gets down to business and the most intimate questions are asked. Red cheeks and stuttering are inevitable here! There is also the perverse Either or Extreme version different variants of the game, you can find them here .


Here you can choose two types, once the version with a slip of paper and once the version is selected from the list and read off. In the first version, you print out the tables and lists below, cut the questions into small pieces of paper and throw them into a container. Now the questioner pulls one out and directly asks the other person the question. If you prefer to read or ask questions online, you simply take your smartphone or cell phone and choose a question from the lists below.

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93 embarrassing & perverted either or examples

Either or questions for men & boys

Either or questions for men
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Either questions or questions to women & girls

either or women
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Either or questions for transgender people

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Either or – different variants

version 1

This is the standard variant and also the easiest to play. 2 players or a group of players draw words and questions one after the other from the same pot. Now the player chooses one of the two answers with the piece of paper or the question, what he thinks his counterpart will answer. Honesty is important here, because this is the only way the game makes sense. If the questioner has found the correct answer, there is a point for that. The point system makes sense to be able to determine a winner in the end.

Variant 2

Here the youngest player starts the game, a number of at least 3 players would be good, because here it goes around in a circle. In a clockwise direction, the youngest player asks his neighbor the either or question and he must answer it honestly. After the answer, the respondent moves to the next question and so on.

Option 3 – absolutely hardcore

This variant is really not for wimps, only the tough come into the garden here. Because here it’s not just about answering the questions, but also letting actions speak for themselves. This variant is only recommended for partners who have already had sexual contact.


  1. If one person asks the other person the either or question: Oral or Vaginal, and the respondent replies with Oral, he really has to open his mouth.
  2. When asked about porno or Schnulze, of course, you either have to turn on a porno or watch a Schnulze.
  3. When the question of lubricant or spit comes up, you either have to get the lubricant out or use the spit on whatever;)
  4. One of the most extreme questions here would be swallowing or spitting, we will save you an explanation for this, because this is probably clear!

Either or drinking game

As with almost every game, there is also either or the version as a drinking game. Here you need alcohol and small shot glasses. Before the start of a game round, enough glasses are filled with drinks. Now one player asks the other player a question, but thinks about what the other player will answer in advance. Here, too, honesty is the top priority! If the term you have chosen matches the opponent’s answer, the other player has to drink. But please remember, no alcohol is not a solution either! No really, please don’t overdo it excessive alcohol consumption can be really dangerous.

Unpleasant questions for girls

Unpleasant questions for guys

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