The strategy game cheese box is an entertaining game for in between that can be played with two or more players with little effort. All you need is a squared sheet of paper (e.g. A4) and one or more colored pens. Each of the players receives a colored pencil of a different color so that the colored lines can be assigned to the individual participants in the course of the game. If no crayons are available at the moment, the cheese box game can also be played with a single ballpoint pen if necessary. We’ll get to that later.

Cheese box – ancient and still a classic for breaks

The cheese box game was first described in 1889 – so it’s quite old. Sometimes, and really seldom, you can find the game under the name of box drawing or cheese box. The strategy game can be carried out with just a few utensils that every student can find in their school bag. That is why it was the most popular break game in Germany in the 1970s alongside Fangen und Räuber & Gendarme. Back then, the last page of the math notebook was often sacrificed for playing with pen and paper. Today, in times of school folders and loose-leaf binders, almost everyone has a checkered pad with them that can be used for this purpose. In the following text, we explain exactly how the drawing game cheese box with paper and paper works.

Cheese box game material – This is what you need to play

The best thing about playing the cheese box is that you don’t need much to pass the time. All you need is

  • a squared sheet of paper
  • at best a colored pencil or pencil, ballpoint pen for each player

Play cheese box – that’s how it works!

play cheese box

It’s that easy to play the game Cheese Box

Game material

First of all, you need your game material. A squared sheet of paper and a pen – at least one of them. It is best if each player uses his or her own colored pencil.

Record cheesebox playing field

Now you outline a playing field on the sheet in which you want to play the game. Depending on the time available, the field can be small or slightly larger. Persistent players fill the entire sheet of paper.

Deal out pens and set the starting player

In the next step, each player receives a pen and you determine the starting player who is allowed to make the first line in the cheese box playing field. You can use a counting rhyme for this or let the youngest player begin.

Line by line to the cheese box

Now the individual players are allowed to make a line on the edges of the boxes one after the other. It is played clockwise. If colored pens are used, you can always see exactly who drew which of the lines.

Aim at the cheese box game

Everyone has to try to completely draw as many boxes as possible with their pen. If a box is surrounded by a border, the player may put a cross in the “cheese box” with his or her color. If someone was able to win a box, he may draw another line before it is the next player’s turn. Marginal lines also apply and do not have to be drawn again.

The end of playing with pen and paper

If the previously outlined field is completely filled with crosses and no further moves are possible, the game ends.

Determine the winner

The winner in the cheese box game is whoever was able to tick the most boxes with his color in the end.

More than a drawing game – cheese box as a tactical game

Anyone who thinks that the cheese box game is just child’s play, that it is boring and does not present a challenge, is seriously mistaken. If you proceed strategically and deliberately place your lines, you can sometimes achieve whole rows of points. Therefore, one should always be on the lookout for where the opponent or opponents draw their lines. A misplaced line can quickly become fatal for the player. The tactical game may not be a great challenge for smaller children because they do not yet grasp the strategic possibilities of the individual moves.

cheese box

Anyone who understands that the game cheese box is actually a strategy game for bright minds can perhaps understand why, for example, the game Dots & Boxes is based on an American one Brain training Website to play for free. There it stands in a row with numerous logicals, math games and other thought games that have proven themselves for extensive brain jogging and memory training.

Cheese boxes play without colored pencils

The game cheese box, which is played with pen and paper, can also be played if you only have a single pen available. Then it always moves clockwise from player to player. In this case, the lines are all drawn in one color. Everyone chooses a symbol with which to fill the boxes they have won. In addition to the crosses, these can also be little hearts, dots and diamonds, or one player fills the cheese boxes completely, the other hatches them crosswise, the next long enough, etc. At the end of the game, you can also find out who has scored the most points and determine a winner.

Cheese box for two

cheese box strategy game

Playing the cheese box game with two people is absolutely no problem. Normally, a single pen is sufficient, which you take turns in handing. One puts crosses in the boxes he has won, the other points or maybe circles. At the end of the game, you can usually see at a glance who will emerge as the winner of the game round. This is even easier to determine with colored pencils, because the filled-in fields contrast nicely in color. In a pinch you just count the individual fields, which can be quite an effort if the playing field was too big on the sheet of paper.

Play with several people

If you want to play the game with several players, all you need is a squared sheet of paper and pens. Here it is better if you have several colored pencils available and each one gets its own color as a pencil. In any case, in the end it is easier to see who has won. But it is also possible for everyone to choose their own symbol and for the completely outlined boxes to be filled with letters, hearts, crosses, dots, lines, hatching and other symbols.

Play cheese box online

play cheese box

You can also play the game Play cheese box online . There are some portals where you register and then play against random opponents or friends in a virtual game. Many of these can be found on the well-known search engines Online game portals where you can pass the time with little games. Some of these game sites require you to register, while others allow you to play without having to register. In addition to the cheese box game, you will also find many other online board games there.

You can, especially in times of Corona and curfews, play online with all your friends and acquaintances. Get your team together and meet up on the online game board. The online board games can often be played both individually and in teams. With the latter, you can even play an online game as a complete soccer team, including all substitutes. Form teams of two or three and simply measure your skills on the game board instead of on the football field. You can always find the rules of the game directly while playing online.

Video game instructions for cheese boxes

Other game variations

The game with pen and paper is known worldwide and is used everywhere to kill boredom. Long car journeys or train journeys can be made more pleasant for children and teenagers and students like to pick up a pen to pass the time with it. Some even play the painting game all by themselves. Originally the game we know comes from the French La Pipopipette, which has a slightly different gameplay. The French variant is known in England, the USA and also in Japan under the name Dots & Boxes. There, however, several points on the axes are connected to one another by lines. This is also how boxes are created – the so-called ‘boxes’.

Cheese box as a jumping game?

There is also a jumping game for kids that is often called a cheese box. However, it is the classic called ‘Heaven and Earth’. How it came about that many use the wrong game name is not entirely understandable. Possibly because the border in the jumping game, with the many numbered boxes, is similar to that of the drawing game. If you are looking for the instructions for the movement game, you should rather search the search engines for the terms ‘rules of the game’ and ‘heaven and earth’.

cheese box

Questions and answers about the game cheese box

How old is the game cheese box?

The game with pen and paper was first described in a book in 1889 and probably goes back to the French variant called La Pipopipette, which was explained there.

How many players do you play the strategy game with?

The pen and paper game is designed for two, three or four players. You can play it with even more participants, but then it becomes a little more difficult to pursue a certain strategy. It is best suited for two teammates.

What material do you need for the game cheese box?

The good thing about the line drawing game is that you only need pen and paper. In principle, all you need is a crayon or ballpoint pen and a squared sheet of paper. At best, each of the participants has their own colored pencil.

How long does the game last?

The perfect thing is that you can relatively determine the length of the game yourself. For example, if you only divide a certain part of the checkered sheet into a cheese box, it doesn’t take as long as if you play the entire sheet. The game can therefore also be played spontaneously in a short break.

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