5 of the best Zoom games during the pandemic


The pandemic is testing us all, so here are 5 of the best Zoom games during the pandemic . Everyone knows them, the endless video conferences. Be it in the company, in the clubs or privately among themselves. You try everything possible to stay in touch with your people, even if you can’t go out like you did before Corona. There are few or no more appointments, the good book has been finished and the apartment is already spotlessly tidy. Zoom has made it to the top of video conferencing during this time.

Another benefit that many appreciate is that Zoom is available for free. Thanks to interactive video calls, it’s still possible to spend time together over Zoom when you can’t see each other face to face.

The only thing you need for such a conference is a laptop, tablet or smartphone – with a camera, of course. Now connect to the internet and let the gaming fun begin. It doesn’t matter whether you play with two or more players. To make playing a little more enjoyable, just put a tasty drink and some nibbles or chocolate on the table and you’re good to go. Here are some ideas for digital games that you can also play together when playing at a distance. The classic board game is just as much a part as the online multiplayer games and can be played remotely with the family and even with the grandparents.

5 of the best Zoom games during the pandemic


charade picture
charade picture

The pantomime game Charade is a fun group game where one player represents a word and the rest of the group has to guess. It can also be played well via zoom. The game requires some space and a lot of light so that you can see the illustrations well. There should be at least three players in the game so that one can direct the game. The game management gets a number of terms sent in private chat and you can start.
If you play the advanced version, you explain the terms in your own words in the first round, in the next round the terms are shown in pantomime and in the last round with a noise.


  • The team that should start is determined with a coin toss
  • Beforehand, a time limit was set mutually, a two-minute time limit is quite good for this
  • If a team guesses the word or phrase within the allotted time, they get a point
  • If the team does not manage to reach the goal within the time limit, then there is no point and it is the other team’s turn
  • The team always takes turns guessing

Charade rules

Before the game starts, you determine what the losing team has to do. If the first team has reached three points, the other may redeem their gambling debts. Before the start of the game, the whole thing can be made easier by exchanging the following information:

  • The word count
  • The word category
  • If a word is guessed, give it a thumbs up
  • You can use your fingers to indicate the position in which the guessed word occurred in the phrase

Game variants

Two teams

After two teams have been divided, each of them thinks of terms that need to be guessed and writes them down on a piece of paper or puts them in the chat for the game master. It is best to use compound nouns such as B. Telephone receiver, flashlight or tablecloth. This makes pantomiming easier as it is hand held.

The opposing team must now present their team with a concept without words and noises. It’s funny when the other team knows what the term is. You can set the time to one or two minutes. Of course, the shorter the time, the higher the pressure and the game dynamics. Only the team that guesses the term in the allotted time gets the point.

Everyone guesses

In this variant, each player writes down a term and the pieces of paper are then piled up, or the game master receives them via chat. One player starts and the rest have to guess. Whoever guesses the term gets a point and can present the next term. Whoever has the most solo points is the winner of Charade.

I am packing my suitcase

Many know the game where you always have to pack one more item in your suitcase and each term is repeated. This will also be a funny story via zoom, since your own term will be added in pantomime.

Guess fairy tales

The variant with guessing the fairy tale is very suitable for advanced users. The fairy tales are presented in pantomime in the group and the rest of the players have to guess which fairy tale it could be. Of course, this assumes that the group knows each other well, otherwise it becomes more difficult.

Guess who?

Guess who picture
Guess who picture

It is perfect for the game Guess Who if there are many players and you have access to the gallery view. One player should be able to control the game via zoom and the rest can guess. It is important for this game that each of the participants owns accessories such as hats, scarves, glasses etc. and has them at hand. The person you are looking for is selected by the game controller and the question and answer session can begin.

Each participant now takes turns asking the usual questions such as is the person male, does he wear a hat, etc. The questions are answered with yes or no by the controller. If a person is eliminated, the person’s camera is simply switched off. The rest of the characters are still in the game. Now, through a process of elimination, you can get closer and closer to the person you’re looking for. But who was eliminated can still guess. This is a very nice game, especially for groups of children.

game variant

You probably know the version where you get a piece of paper stuck to your forehead and then have to guess who you are. With online gaming via Zoom, it works in such a way that the person who has to guess closes their eyes for a moment and then every other participant can read in the camera which person has to be guessed. It is best for the other players to write down the name of the player and what his personality is.

This is done in turn for everyone when playing via Zoom until everyone has read a piece of paper about themselves. The happy guessing round can begin. In turn, everyone now asks questions that the rest of the players answer with yes or no. These can be questions such as am I female, a star, an actor, a series hero, etc. If a question is answered with a no, then it is the turn of the next player to ask questions. If the answer is yes, you can keep guessing until you get a no.


Monopoly over zoom
Monopoly image.

Hasbro ‘s board game has been around since 1936 and is always a tough test for everyone. Of course, it is a long game and requires a lot of patience and perseverance. But the longer you play it, the bigger the reward will be at the end. And indeed, it is also possible to play Monopoly via zoom. Of course, this game variant loses some of its charm. You cannot touch the banknotes, hold cards in your hand or roll the dice by hand.

Game requirements for Monopoly Zoom

In order to be able to play the game at all, you need the original Monopoly board game. You also need a piece of paper and a pen, which every player should have in front of them. And of course a computer is essential for this.


  • Each player writes his starting character on a piece of paper and this piece of paper then also serves as a bank statement to be able to distribute the money on it.
  • The game board is set up at the host to be visible to all players with the webcam.
  • The players’ webcams are always placed on the players’ dice and are therefore visible to everyone. The game characters are moved accordingly by the host.
  • When a player lands on a property, the property information is read out by the landlord. The player then records the information on his list.
  • If the player wants to buy the property, the amount will be deducted from his bank statement (slip). If money comes back from the bank, it will also be credited to the account statement.
  • If you owe another player, you subtract the debt from your bank statement and the other player who receives the amount adds it to their money.

Black jack

Blackjack via zoom
Blackjack picture

Blackjack is actually a card game, just like you’ve seen in various casino movies. But we want to present a simpler variant with dice here. Here you can agree in advance via Zoom what should be played at all. Is it all about honor or virtual money? Maybe even a kind of strip poker or to shake glasses? In our version there are two variants:

The easy way

In the simple variant, everyone rolls only one die. The numbers that were rolled are added up and if you have exceeded 21, then you are the loser. When playing via zoom, the camera should of course be positioned in such a way that the result of the dice is visible to others.

The harder option

This variant comes very close to the original card game, since you need a croupier and at least one other player. In order to be able to determine the starting number, all participants roll two dice. The starting number is sent to the croupier in the private chat so you can’t cheat. The croupier then reports a number on his dice via zoom, but not the other dice. Now everyone decides in their turn whether they make a hit (you roll the dice to increase your number), a stand (you sit out) or a surrender (you fold).

Finally, it is the croupier’s turn. If he has a starting number of 16 or less, he must now roll the dice. He may not roll the dice on a 17 to 21. If you have a higher number than the croupier but less than 21, then you win. On the other hand, if you have exactly 21 or the croupier has more, then you speak of overbuying.

beer pong

Beer Pong via zoom
Beer pong picture

Because of the pandemic, you often haven’t seen your friends for weeks or months. In the past, people just met spontaneously or organized a party and played the funny beer pong game there. But watch out, this can now also be done via video call via Zoom. Because it is very important to continue to maintain your social contacts. You can either play one-on-one or two-on-two if you organize a suitable team partner. Of course, always keep everything in accordance with the rules for each team with a mask and distance and beforehand a negative test result.

game preparation

Each team sets up a table and places the ten cups on it in a pyramid shape. The opponent must now be able to see you and the table through the zoom camera.


You take turns throwing and always wait until your opponent has finished throwing and of course observe exactly what the opponent is doing via the zoom meeting. If the throw is a hit, then the cup is out of play at both tables.

Social Distancing Tournament

In a tournament you need a partner. In the current situation, this is best someone from the same household or your partner or a close friend. Think about a team name together and take a good look at the beer pong rules.

game preparation

The table is set up and should be approximately 2.44 m long and 70 cm high. If you don’t have such a long table, you can simply hire a second one. Then each team needs 10 cups, a table tennis ball, laptop, mobile phone, etc. so that the video transmission can run and, of course, a stable internet connection.


The cups are filled with a liquid of your choice, in most cases it’s beer, hence the name. But there are also players who prefer a nice pint (mixed wine with water, cola or Fanta). In the best case scenario, the entire table should now be visible in the video call, including the players. Check the internet connection again and the game can start.

game start

You have to call the opposing team via zoom to start the game. It is then decided in four preliminary rounds who advances or is eliminated. A winning team is then achieved through single KO.

The solo variant

If you live alone and are bored to death, just use the time to practice a few trick shots or even play against yourself. You attach the cups to your body and throw the ball at a wall or a mirror. Then try to catch the ball with the cups.

Beer Pong Rules

The preparation

There are two players per team, two balls and two throws per team in each round.
The 10 cups are arranged in a pyramid shape and you should keep a distance of about 1 to 2 cm from the edge of the table. If the cups slip out of shape, they are positioned correctly again before the next throw.

When specifying, the balls are divided so that each team only has one ball. The two throwers look into each other’s eyes and then throw at the other team’s cups at the same time. If a player has scored, then his team can start. If both players hit or neither, then the game continues until only one hits. If you have reached the last cup in the game, it is always positioned in the middle of the edge of the table.

Bring backs

If both players have hit the cups in a round, then everyone can throw again. You can only touch the ball if it has previously touched the table or the cup. If you attack him beforehand, there is a penalty called a penalty.

bounce shot

The opposing team must drink two cups if the other team manages to serve the ball before the cup. If the team defends the ball by slapping it with their hand, the throwing team drinks themselves. If a cup falls over because of a ball, you simply put it back up and refill it. Unless, of course, the ball was in the cup, then it also counts.

  • Important!
  • It is forbidden to intentionally create a gust of wind
  • Instead, diversionary maneuvers of any other kind are allowed
  • You must not touch the opponent, table or cup when distracting
  • An extra cup of water is available to keep the ball clean before each throw


In the rebuttal, a team’s last cup was hit. However, the opposing team has the chance to throw until no more cups are hit. If the last cup was then hit, an extension takes place. To do this, you place three cups on each side, filled equally, as a pyramid.

death cup

If a cup is hit and you didn’t take it off the table or drink it and it’s hit again in the game, then it’s called the Death Cup and the game ends immediately. The losing team then drinks the remaining beer that is on the table.

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