4 Pics 1 Word – Solutions, Daily Riddles & Tricks


The puzzle game 4 pics 1 word is a cool thinking game in which you have to guess a word from four pics that you are looking for. With this game you can train your association skills. This means the setting up and linking of ideas or associations of ideas. The task is quite clear and concise. Four images are displayed that indicate the word you are looking for. The predecessor was the game two pictures and a word and even then it was an ultimate challenge.

If you like puzzling, pondering and quizzing, this is a very special kind of fun. The vocabulary of each player is expanded and logical thinking is trained. For the iOS and Android systems, 4 pics 1 word game is a very tricky game. It is one of the most popular games in the App Store with more than 50 million downloads and was developed by LOTUM GmbH .

4 Pics 1 Word – Solutions, Daily Riddles & Tricks

Game material

1 app (Android, iPad or iPhone)

Game setup 4 pics 1 word

A lot of preparation is not necessary, if you have downloaded the app, which is usually free of charge, then you can get started.


You can always see four different pictures that have one thing in common. This similarity is to be found out and the level is solved. Since not every level is so easy, finding the solution can take a few minutes. If you don’t get any further, then you have several options to get the right answer. Small boxes can be seen under the pictures in which you enter the word you are looking for. So you know in advance how many letters are being searched for.

Furthermore, there are 12 letters under the pictures, from which you can form the desired word. Once the word has been cracked, you click on the letters in the correct order. You get coins for a correct word and automatically advance to the next level.
If you made a typo or even guessed a wrong word, that’s not the end of the story. The wrong word simply flashes red and white. You type the wrong letters in the word and replace them with the new ones instead.

The level stages of 4 pics 1 word

More than 2000 levels or puzzles are available for the Android, iPad and iPhone. Over 250,000,000 players worldwide are playing this number one hit, called 4 Pics 1 Word in English and translated into nine languages.


The puzzle is over when you can combine the four pictures into one word. But that’s not the end of the game for a long time, as there are many more levels to solve.

The search function

If you’re playing and can’t get any further, you now have the option of using a search field to find the solutions more quickly. To do this, you simply have to insert the letters that are displayed in the level and then the number of letters in the solution word. Then the correct answer to 4 pics 1 word will be visible. Before this search function, you could only search for it using images or keywords in a table. The search turned out to be quite complex, since there were always different levels or solutions that were not in any order.

Short explanation

You are in any level of 4 pictures 1 word and in the lower area a mix of letters is visible. In the search form above, enter the mix of letters under the term letters.
Then you look at the solution word and how many letters it must have. Then you choose that too. Then you just click on Show solution and you will get the right answer. If you don’t get along with the solution finder at all, you can also look it up in a solution table.

4 pics 1 word clues

If you’re stuck and can’t get any further, you have several options for finding a solution. For each correct solution you get a few coins. The coins won can be used for jokers. There are two different ones that can be used to find the solution.
For example, for 60 coins you can have the letter you are looking for displayed in the right place in the word. It then disappears from the row of letters that is given and appears in the correct place in the word. The letter that is correct is then highlighted in green and you can no longer move it.

If you’re still stuck, you can use another 60 coins and buy a letter for it. This can be done until either the word is found or you run out of coins to buy. If you use 80 coins, then a few letters that are not needed for the word disappear. So you don’t have 12 letters but maybe nine letters to guess the right word. Both jokers, the 60 coin and the 80 coin joker, can be used at the same time.

If you want to save your jokers or have no more coins to buy, you can also connect to the game on Facebook. There you ask for help and friends can help you solve the word. Furthermore, one has the possibility to get to the word by looking at the suggested solutions.

Get coins for free

For each correctly solved level you get four coins and can use them again. If you complete the Daily Challenge, you get not only four but even 16 coins as a reward. In order to be able to play the daily task, you have to log in every day. This is the only way to get the coins for free.

tips and tricks
tips and tricks

4 pics 1 word tricks

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many tricks to be found here, since most free-2-play games are financed through in-app purchases. It’s the same here with the game 4 words 1 picture. A lot is also financed by the in-app advertising and this advertising can be quite annoying while playing. If you’re tired of the ads, buy the premium version for €1.79 and play without the ads.
Just think carefully and come up with the solutions yourself, use the joker functions or look at other help forums.

Animal friends in February 2022

The second month of the new year is all about animals, because who doesn’t love the playful, curious and honest creatures. They love you unconditionally and are always there for people with no ifs or buts. The motto of the game in February lets the animal pictures come to the fore. When the four animal images are shown, it is important to find common ground. Of course, the solutions to this can also be found online in various tables.

The solution words in February include, for example, pet, puppy, cat, bee, donkey, chicken, rat, horse , cow, fur, paw, pond, tail, parrot, leash, bird, veterinarian, goldfish, teeth, blanket, shield, claws and glasses. If you solve the bonus puzzle, you can use words like cute, tame, lazy, feed, fast, tricks, care, beak, sleep, jump, bowl, help or aquarium.

Stickers and bonus coins

Once you’ve figured out the solution, you’ll get stickers after two, ten, and twenty-eight days, as well as bonus coins that you can earn.

Operation and functions with 4 pictures 1 word

The beauty of the app is that it is easy to use and very manageable. If you have guessed a word, then you advance to a stage or level. The interesting thing is that from level to level the words become more difficult. You can also cross out incorrect letters or add a correct letter. But watch out, if you take such an action, you will get coins deducted from your coin account.

If you have guessed a correct word again, you get your coin account refilled. You also have the option to turn on your friends or Facebook if you have a stuck word and need help.

If you tap on the letter, it inserts itself in the right place. If you make a mistake, that’s no problem, because you can insert the letter again by tapping it again. Since there is no menu navigation, you can start guessing as soon as you start the app.

Data security 4 pictures 1 word
Data security 4 pictures 1 word

The data security

In order to be able to start the app, it requires a few permissions on the smartphone. However, these are legal and perfectly fine. What of course has a negative side effect are the constant advertisements that pop up during the game. Sometimes even whole commercials are played after a word you have guessed. In places you can only partially skip them or you have to watch them until the end. There may also be a prompt to get more coins through in-app purchases.

Conclusion to 4 pictures 1 word

The nice thing about the puzzle game is that you don’t need to register or have any complicated rules. It starts straight away and you’re guaranteed to have fun. By training the transfer knowledge through picture puzzles, it is fun to compete with your friends. Who managed to guess more words or reach more levels? If you get stuck, you can also look it up on the Internet at 4bilder1wort.net/de. If it’s a bit too time-consuming for you or you want to reach the next level, then you use a few coins for it.

The advertisements are really exhausting in the long run. It can be played from the age of 6 on iOS or Android. It’s free and you don’t have to register for it. The general knowledge is nicely tested and the operation is very simple. With the update in 2022, it is finally possible to save your score in the cloud. So you don’t lose anything and you can access the scores across platforms. Have lots of fun with it!

Platforms supporting the game

You can download the game 4 Pics 1 Word for the following platforms. The last update was on February 15 for Android version 61.6.3.

  • Windows
  • Apple
  • Android
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • App for android

The game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets.

Alternatives to 4 pics 1 word

The following programs are a good alternative to the game, depending on what you need them for or what functions you want them to have.

word search

Here you have to call up the correct word in letter fields

94 seconds

In this game you play against a real opponent with a stopwatch

Bubble Breaker Free

Popping as many bubbles as possible

4 pics 1 word deck of cards

Maybe you would like to play the popular game together with your family at the table, then you can take out the deck of cards and play like it was possible in the old days without electronics. Because here too, as in the app of the same name, you have to find a word for four pictures. The app is used by 250 million smartphone and tablet users and is currently one of the most successful apps on the market. It even took fourth place in the App Store under the quizzes and puzzles category. But what if the battery is constantly empty or you would rather play analog without a screen, then the card game is the better alternative.

4 pics 1 word card game
4 pics 1 word card game

game accessories

  • 2 instruction cards
  • 70 double-sided puzzle cards

game preparation

The playing cards are shuffled well and placed non-visible side down. Beforehand, it must be agreed who will start the game. Does everyone play against everyone, are there teams or do you play for time?


Now it is guessed what this stuff holds. Either individually everyone against everyone or as a teamwork. Players who like time play are also on the train here. The game is a nice souvenir as it comes in a small box that you can take anywhere. You’ll be busy for a while before you’ve solved all of the 100+ puzzles.

The co-op mode

If you play in this mode, you can play as a player against the time. You try to crack as many puzzles as possible in a given time. So just a game against time.

Team play

There is also the option of simply playing in teams and guessing together which solution word should be meant.

4 pics 1 word variants

The game has a variant called New Challenges. There are also 140 new puzzles that provide even more puzzling fun.

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