YEDO – And his clan heads

The board game Yedo by eggert games is from 1605 in Japan. The Shogun rules the land of Yedo. Each player now tries to gain the shogun’s favor. The important thing is to get more fame than your rivals. And to achieve this fame, you have to complete a lot of missions. Because these influence the Shogun at private audiences or the other possibility would be to buy many goods from the dealers. But of course it won’t be that easy, as there are ambushes as well as guards and events that turn fate.

All of this puts every player to the test and therefore it is important to rally your servants and fight for the honor of your clan. Especially when you complete mission cards you get a lot of prestige points and also when you activate your servants in certain places. Even if you fulfill your tasks from the bonus card, you receive further prestige points.

Samurai or Geisha

A true samurai is not deterred by any setbacks and should you choose this version, then you choose the brown boxes. The yellow geisha boxes are ignored for this. If you want to take things a little easier at the beginning, then you opt for the yellow geisha boxes and leave the brown boxes on the left. This version is the best way to get to know the pitfalls of the game. Likewise, you put the cards for the samurai back in the box when you have decided on the geisha.

Yedo accessories
Yedo accessories

The seven phases

Like so many other games by eggertspiele, the board game is divided into phases. When the action phase is completed in the 11th round, the game ends.

  • In the preparation phase, you prepare for the round, as the word already suggests.
  • In the next phase you can bid on weapons, servants or geishas.
  • The event phase, where an event is revealed that influences the course of the game.
  • When it is the turn of the placement phase, you place the servants on the expansions.
  • The guardians move to a district in the guardian phase and are allowed to capture all servants.
  • If you swap cards with each other, you are in the trading phase. There you can swap Mon, cards and aids among the players.
  • The servants are activated during the action phase and you can receive prestige points, mon or aids there.
Yedo picture
Yedo picture

The districts and their options for action

The gates of Yedos – You can hire a servant, go begging or take a divination card

The tavern district – Here you can build an extension or carry out a prophecy

The port district – At the port district you have the opportunity to go to church, buy luxury goods from European dealers or draw a divination card

The red light district – There is the possibility to hire a geisha or to buy an action card

The temple precinct – It is possible to receive a blessing here or to take a divination card

The market district – You can buy weapons from the market, sell a bonus or buy an action

The castle district – The Shogun gives an audience or the Bakufu. Here you can also relax in the garden shed


Like that Interaction factor the luck factor is also quite high here, regardless of whether it is bidding, betting or trading. The graphics are very appealing, the rules are clearly structured and easy to understand. However, you should not be a beginner and bring some time with you, as a game can take three hours.

Explanatory video

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