Village Inn


In the village of Village Inn, a new handicraft business starts work: beer can finally be brewed! Shortly afterwards, an inn opens its doors, where influential people come and go. If you hang out with them and buy them a beer or two, they owe you a favor. So, above all, toast with those who can contribute as much as possible to your family’s fame.
In addition, this extension of Eggert games Game components for a fifth player.


  • 30 cards
  • 1 inn
  • 1 brewery
  • 1 chronicle
  • 1 cemetery
  • 1 yard plan
  • 11 pawns
  • 1 sticker sheet
  • 20 wooden stones
  • 8 round wooden markers
  • 12 goods tokens
  • 4 customer tokens
  • 5 grain tiles
  • 6 coins
  • 3 build-up cards
  • 2 game instructions (German, English)

Authors: Inka and Markus Brand
Illustration: Dennis Lohausen

Price: 19.95 | Players: 2-5 | Age: 12+ | Duration: 60-120 |

Village Inn picture
Village Inn picture

The brewery

You can only use the brewery if you carry out a craft action. Here you can make good beer and get two tokens at once for your action. If you want to produce beer, you either have to put two sacks of grain back in the supply or pay three times.

The tavern

If you intend to use the tavern, you take a piece from the turquoise action space or you have to discard three identical influence pieces. If you have carried out this action, you can purchase a person card. But before you can even carry out this action, you have to have a character in the tavern and pay a time for it. It doesn’t matter whether you placed your figure in an earlier train or just in the pub. In order to be able to purchase a person card, you have to carry out the next three steps:

  • You pay a time
  • Then you draw the top card from one of the three person piles and place it face up under a pile
  • The person card can be purchased if you pay the costs. In the upper corner of the card it always says what the card is worth. This can be a beer, a coin or two beers). Then you can add the card you bought to your hand

Danger! You are not allowed to look at the person cards beforehand. If a figure from the pub dies, it is placed in an anonymous grave.

Village Inn game components
Village Inn game components

The Village Inn character cards

Until the end of the game you hold the farmer, mayor, scholar, medic, nun, traveler, pickpocket, count, estate manager, painter and guild master cards in your hand. These will be included in the final scoring.

During a turn and a market day you can play the cards of the abbot, councilor, noblewoman, blacksmith, clerk, cattle breeder, servant, prodigal son, herbalist and wagon maker at any time.

In certain actions or situations you may only play the cards junk dealer, old man, market clerk, bard, miller, juggler, priest or customs officer.

The basic game for five

There are only a few changes to the base game for five and it is quite similar to the game for four:

  • The new village chronicle and the map with the new anonymous graves are covered on the game board
  • There is a build-up card that does not show a beer mug for five players that should be used
  • As in the four-player game, this is how the market is built up
  • The end of the game and the course of the game are also identical to the basic game
Village Inn accessories
Village Inn accessories


The beautiful design of the courtyards and the game board convey the feeling of real village life. The game instructions are well described and have lots of pictures and examples. You can find your way into the game very quickly, as all important details are listed again on the courtyards, the game board and the construction cards. This too Tactical game As in real life, it requires a lot of decisions to be made. This connoisseur game from 2012 is definitely to be recommended and it won’t get boring either. The expansion has definitely improved the game a lot!

Explanatory video

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