Rococo – The Kennerspiel from 2014

At the time of Louis XV, people attended lavish balls in Rococo and delighted with unique creations of men’s skirts and dresses, which can now be achieved with the Rococo board game. Only those who can stand out from the crowd stand out in the Rococo. The game of Egger games and Pegasus Spiele goes over seven rounds and each player takes over the management of a tailor shop. New assistants with various qualifications can be hired, from apprentices to journeyman to master.

You buy fabrics in the warehouse, make fine clothes, decorate the ballrooms for the upcoming festival or hire new workers. For the festival you can hire musicians, deliver statues or organize the fireworks. If you tailor your clothes, you receive money after the sale or it can become reputation points when the clothes appear worn at the festival. Whoever can make the most precious clothes at the end of the game and build the most prestige wins the game.

The four phases of Rococo

A game round always consists of the phases preparation for a round, choosing cards from hand, performing actions and receiving income.

  • To prepare for the round, you look at the workers in the job market and refill the raw materials in the warehouse. When there are no more raw materials left, you shuffle the used raw material tiles and place them next to the warehouse. The new clothes are put into the display every round of the game. You pull this blind out of the cloth bag.
  • When choosing cards in hand, each player starts with five workers who can be journeymen, masters or apprentices. After you have decided on three worker cards, you put the rest of them back face down in the discard pile.
  • In order to be able to carry out the actions, the selected worker cards are used. Actions include gaining the queen’s favor, purchasing raw materials, tailoring men’s skirts or dresses, selling or lending the newly tailored dress, hiring new workers or sending your own workers, and at the end financing the festive furnishings.
  • The income is received when all players have played their hand cards. When that is the case, the last and fourth phases begin. The players receive their basic income and livre for each dress paid for and each dress awarded.
Rococo accessories
Rococo accessories

Reputation Points

The prestige points are for your own assets, the workers in your own pile, the possession of the favor cards, for the majority of lent clothes in the halls, for the equipment at the fireworks. There are also points for your own clothes that are on the terrace, for equipping the statues and the property markers on the playing field.


At the beginning you think that you will not get an overview due to the abundance of materials. The impression, however, is deceptive, since there is a clear and understandable rule guide. You can start the game quickly and read the rules while doing so. The box is stable and the wooden figures are very handsome, the material is very qualitative. The game builds up very quickly and everyone gets their turn quickly without long waiting times.

However, there aren’t that many interactive elements , only when taking away the clothes, workers and raw materials do you get into each other’s enclosure. Of course, many of the game processes are not new, but they are still well-rounded. It is nice to watch how the ballrooms slowly fill up with fabulously tailored clothes and every guest looks forward to the great fireworks. For families with gaming experience, Rococo is definitely worth one or even several evenings to play.

Explanatory video

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