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Porta Nigra board game

In the connoisseur game Porta Nigra by eggerstpiele You embody the ancient master builders of Trier and try with tactics and skillful timing to build the most valuable parts of the city.

The story game

Augusta Treverorum – today’s Trier – became one of the largest cities north of the Alps in the late Roman Empire. Founded in the time of Augustus, Trier was built by generations of builders and finally became the residence of the Roman emperors in the 4th century of our time. The most impressive buildings can still be visited today, especially the superbly preserved Porta Nigra – the “black gate”.

content :

Porta Nigra board game

1 game board • 90 building blocks • 80 cards • 60 wooden Romans • 16 wooden discs • 10 supply cards • 4 building owner standing figures • 4 player boards • 16 torch markers • 16 influence chips • 4 “+ 100 / + 200” victory point markers •
51 coins • 1 round marker • 2 game instructions (German, English)

Authors : Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling

illustration : Michael Menzel

The two phases

The refill phase

During the refill phase you check the number of building blocks in the building block market, the building cards in the building card display and the honor cards in the honor card display.

The action phase

In this phase you use your influence chips and play an action card from your hand. You then put the played card on the discard pile and draw a new action card.

The 5 action symbols

Buy 1 brick

Here you can buy exactly one building block. The building blocks have different colors. The figure must be in the building shop area to buy a stone. You place your building block on the corresponding color in your supply. If you don’t have enough sesterces, you can’t do this action.

Build a structure

You can place exactly one component where the master builder figure is. If you decide to use building blocks in the Porta Nigra, then there must always be a minimum of three and a maximum of eight blocks of one color. In order to be able to carry out the action, there must be a Roman on top of the structure.

Take 1 influence chip

You take an influence chip from the general supply and place it in the play area. This promotion can be used at any time during the game.

Take 1 torch token

Here, too, you take a torch marker from the general supply and place it in your play area. You can also use the torches and exchange them for a sesterce.

Take coins

Depending on how many sesterces are displayed on the take coins symbol, you take your sesterces. You put these in your own play area.

My Village accessories
Porta Nigra accessories

Building rules

The Basilica

The basilica consists of two rows, each with five building sites, with an A and a B row. During the evaluation, each row is evaluated individually. The player with the most stones in a row gets 12 victory points. 6 points from the player with the second most votes. If there is a tie, the player with the most valuable building part wins.

The amphitheater

The theater consists of three different rows with 5 building sites each. There is an A, B and C series. The rows are scored individually. The victory points are rewarded according to the frequency of the building blocks.

The city wall

The city wall is created from a single row with ten building sites. The player gets twenty victory points with most of the building blocks. The second most still gets ten victory points.

The Porta Nigra

The Porta Nigra consists of nine building sites. The overall height ranges from three to eight stones. The altitude levels are rated individually.


Of course, everyone needs Board game a certain amount of space on the table, but this one takes up a lot of space in terms of the playing surface. In contrast, the player’s playing field itself is small. The action phase is definitely the most important one in this game and everything takes money. The building blocks are marked with different colors and are therefore easily recognizable. There are many bonuses waiting for the players on all corners and edges and the torch markers allow you to carry out more actions than previously indicated. The nice thing is that there are many ways to get victory points and therefore it is always fun to play Porta Nigra.

Explanatory video

Veröffentlicht am 8. April 2021 – Letztes Update am 6. July 2021 von Eggertspiele.de

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