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My Village – A chronicle of life in fast motion

In 2012, the board game My Village by eggerstpiele received the Kennerspiel des Jahres Award and the German Game Award. As in real life, life here is a process from birth to life and death. You play a villager here and you can make a career, become a clergyman, adventurer or politician. It wins the family dynasty that can achieve the most fame. Here you have to have the time under control, play with foresight and experience a lot in return.

Unfortunately nobody lives forever and you also have to say goodbye to family members before they can have their last influence on the game. If you have passed the bridge when the godfather dies, the oldest member of the family dies and you can only collect a few fame points.

My Village picture
My Village picture

The village maps and their meaning

Craft building cards

There are five different ones such as the forge, the brewery, the wagon, the office and the stable. The craftsman must be present and may not yet own a craft building.

Cornfield Maps

There are eight of these cards and you can own as many as you want. You can generate money with them. The harvest area is always considered active and is the only area without a resident space.

Loyalty cards

First the black banner of the Marktvogtei has to be activated so that customer cards can be activated. No dealer and no goods are needed here. Only when you activate the white banners do you get the fame points. Here, too, a dealer must be present to activate the card.

Travel cards

At the end of the game you receive fame points for all your travel cards. You then have to put the travel cards in your supply in alphabetical order. The traveler must be present for activation. You cannot have more than one of each letter.

Church maps

From the church cards there is the Church of Salvation, which prevents the plague of rats. The abbey church that already has a monk. The trade church, which attracts additional customers, as well as the mission church, which gives a bonus when traveling. No player is allowed to have a church like a church in his village, but is free to choose it himself.

Monk cards

For them you get a bonus and then place the card next to your church. At the end of the game you get fame points for them too. If you own the abbey church, you can create a maximum of five monks. The abbot has to be present for this action and you have to have a church.

Meeting place cards

There are four cards and each player can only have one. For this action, the councilor must be present and one must not yet have a meeting place.

Town hall cards

The four different town hall cards all have different functions. The financial town hall generates the coins, the area town hall gives fame points for certain village cards at the end of the game, the town hall gives fame points for living villagers at the end of the game and the guild town hall produces joker goods. Neither player is allowed to own a town hall card anymore.

My Village accessories
My Village accessories


Many people think Village already existed and already in various extensions but now it is coming My Village added. But still they are different games and have little to do with each other. In this game here z. B. each player has his own village board. Here you play with a lot of dice, which in the other game are more the cards.

It takes a while to set up the game at the beginning, but you get into the game quickly and the rules are not difficult to understand. Otherwise you can always read the clear set of rules. The problem of space is not solved quite as well. Because you really need a large table to be able to lay out the entire playing field as well as its villages and cards. On the other hand, the processing of the materials as well as the look and the history are a plus point.

Explanatory video

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