Monte Cristo


Rumors persist that the Count of Monte Cristo hid a large part of his wealth in the dungeons of the Château d’If. Large groups of treasure hunters make their way to the island. And all of them are very hopeful, not only to bring fame and honor home with them.

The core element of the game is the new and unprecedented Action Slide. With this action slide, the player influences and determines which action he takes at what point in time. This results in a new, changing order of play for each of the four possible actions. The strategies of the individual players are open – and can quickly be shaken by a tactically clever move by the opponent.

Only those who skillfully use the Action Slide and master the fine gears of the different game sequences will be able to recover the Count of Monte Cristo’s most valuable treasures in the end with their treasure hunters.

Authors: Arnaud Urbon and Charles Chevallier

Illustrator: Michael Menzel


  • 1 game board
  • 1 action slide
  • 20 glass balls
  • 36 workers (wood)
  • 4 point markers (wood)
  • 1 action marker (wood)
  • 30 supply cards
  • 30 treasure tokens
  • 5 treasure tokens
  • 1 cloth bag
Monte Cristo picture
Monte Cristo picture

The Monte Cristo game actions

The supply

Depending on how many players there are, the active player also draws supply cards. First he chooses a card from it and passes the rest on to the other players. The players place the cards face up in front of them and the pocket sizes from 1 to 3 can be seen on them. Now everyone looks at how many figures are shown on the card and places these other treasure hunters from Marseille in their own supply. There may not be more than seven cards in front of each player.

The treasure hunter

The player whose turn it is may place a maximum of three treasure hunters on the game board. In one of the four bonus areas you can only place a maximum of one figure. There is a certain order of treasure hunters in the dungeon. Then each player in turn may place a treasure hunter in one of the three bonus areas or in the dungeon.

The treasure chest

The active player draws three treasure tiles from the bag and places them in the three different dungeons. If there are at least four treasure tiles in a dungeon, scoring takes place.

Change the order

To change the order you either have to move a treasure marker up one or two positions or move the position of the glass ball down one or two lanes.

The rating

When scoring, you check whether a player has the majority. If there is a tie among the treasure hunters, the one who is higher up in the order begins. The supply card is put back on the stack and the player gets his points by multiplying the value of the tile by the market value. Unused treasure tiles are removed from the dungeon.

Monte Cristo accessories
Monte Cristo accessories


The rules of the game are easy to understand and can be implemented quickly, so Monte Cristo plays quite quickly. Of course it is Action slide a funny idea but unfortunately the view of the sequence of actions can only be seen from one side. The balls have beautiful colors and are very handy. Unfortunately, the treasures were only made from simple cardboard plates. The game material could therefore be of a higher quality. Of course, as in most games, luck plays a major role here too. I miss a bit of variety in the game and that’s why the enthusiasm is a little less.

Explanatory video

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