Mombasa – rivalry among the four trading companies!

Mombasa, like Cape Town, Saint-Louis and Cairo, is one of the four trading companies in Africa and is a board game from Eggert games which requires tactical sophistication. In order to find wealth and fame on the African continent, players set out to trade in goods such as bananas, coffee or cotton. So every player acquires more and more shares in a company. The better a company spreads, the more valuable it is. This requires a lot of skill and not just luck but more understanding. In any case, you should be able to think two games ahead to reach your goal.

Play setup with accessories

Mombasa accessories
Mombasa accessories

The action cards and their consequences

Goods cards – The goods cards show goods such as cotton, coffee or bananas and the value of each unit. You can now use single or the same cards with the same type of goods. If there is excess value in a purchase, then you can use it with any trading company.

Expansion maps – If you have a card with a hat symbol, you can expand into any trading company. To do this, you move your figures from the location of the trading company to the existing trading post. You pay one hat for crossing a border and two hats for crossing a double border. If the trading post is already occupied, the one with the use of another hat is driven out.

Accountant – In order to move forward on the book rail with the inkwell, you need the accountant. If the accountant does not want to meet any conditions, he can turn over a book for the use of 2 pounds. At the end of the campaign, the player receives the reward that can be seen on the last book and places his inkwell there.

Diamond dealer – A diamond dealer can only be activated or bought with a bonus marker. If you use it, you advance with it and receive a cash bonus. In addition, some diamond tokens can activate the mines of individual trading companies.

Bonus markers – With the bonus marker, each player can actively activate an action on the game board in various ways.

Mombasa game award
Mombasa game award

Won the 2016 German Game Award and the Portuguese Game Award

In 2016, the game Mombasa was included on the recommendation list for Kennerspiel des Jahres and it actually won the German Games Prize in the same year. The game also won the 2015 International Gamers Award as the best multi-game Strategy game . It even won the Jogo do Ano game award in Portugal and was nominated for many other awards.


The nice thing about the game is that you can really interact together at least on the game board, because your own treasures can no longer be removed. Of course you need some time to set up the game, because there are many parts that you have to accommodate and even with the first game it takes a good 30 minutes until you have all the rules through. But then it can start and is then easy to see through during the game.

No two games are the same because they are always built differently and new situations and tasks arise. It is important to be able to plan ahead, as the card mechanism is already demanding. All in all a complex game, which can be played smoothly with each other. The game material and presentation are well made and nice to look at.

Explanatory video

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