Milestones – a strategy game for strategists!

The settlement of this area will be your work in the board game Milestones by Eggert games ! Here you will build roads together, create marketplaces and erect houses. And with every milestone you set, you penetrate deeper into the land. But everyone is on their own when it comes to the procurement of building materials, money and grain. It is important to cleverly optimize and use your personal cycle of goods acquisition, trade and settlement.

Milestones offers a fresh concentricity mechanism that depends on good timing and an appropriate speed: Build at the right moment without being too fast, procure the right number of building materials without being too slow. Whoever succeeds best, can get hold of the most valuable building sites and in the end take off the victory.

Content: 1 game board, 4 action boards, 4 game figures, 4 marker stones, 35 worker tiles, 21 cover tiles, 24 coins, 48 goods cubes, 48 road pieces, 24 milestones, 12 marketplaces, 12 houses, 12 flour sack tiles, 15 bonus tiles, 2 game rules (German, English)

Price: 34.95 | Players: 2-4 | Age: 10+ | Duration: 60-90

Milestones accessories
Milestones accessories

The action board fields

The workers fields

If you stand with your figure on a worker space, you get goods from the supply. You can only get one type of good per move. Depending on the field on which you stop, you get a certain good. The goods you received are placed under your tableau.

The trading house

If you landed on the trading house with your own figure, then you see if you get an income. If the numbers on the worker spaces form an ascending order from left to right, you receive a coin from the supply. If the same numbers are next to each other, then they also count in ascending order. You get away with nothing if the numbers don’t rise.

The building authority

Once you have reached the building authority, you can carry out as many building measures as you want. It can also be the same several times. The building materials required for the construction project are stored in the supply. The construction measures can be the building of road sections, a market place or a house.

The castle

You definitely have to stop here at the Burf. And if you have collected too many goods, you will unfortunately get rid of them here because you hand them over to the lords of the castle. Furthermore, the lord of the castle wants you to employ one of your workers.

The mill

If you pull on the mill, you can deliver a sack of flour to any free marketplace. For this you give two grains in order to be able to supply a market. If there are already sacks of flour on the market square, you are not allowed to put any more there. You get a coin from the supply and the points from any free number field.

Milestones schedule
Milestones schedule


The material is promising, only the tableaus have been saved. The illustrations are clear, the tiles and the game plan are very detailed. Each player receives the options for action and the most important information on his game board. This means that you do not need the instructions for use. But this is also described in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. This game is not that different from any other game Board games Collect raw materials with, find combinations for building and then collect victory points. Therefore, the author has thought of a few nice things to give the whole thing more whistle.

What is good is that every player can create their own rondel. It is important to make short-term decisions yourself on the game board. The flexibility of the game is of course more given with four players than with two players. Since there is always something to do for every player, nobody gets bored easily. The tension builds up even earlier towards the end. The majority ratings often decide the game. It is important to bet on the right workers during the game and to collect as many bonus tiles as possible from the game board. Usually you play the game in just over an hour. What is not quite so nice is that the game ends after a certain number of points.

Explanatory video

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