Kaispeicher – The expansion to the base game Speicherstadt!

For the base game Speicherstadt has Eggert games now the extension, the Kaispeicher brought out. The world’s largest warehouse complex is the Hamburg warehouse district and is located in the port of Hamburg. It has been a listed building since 1991 and is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The warehouses were built on thousands of oak piles and one side with a connection to the water and one side with a connection to a road. Above all, general cargo such as tea, coffee and spices was stored there. The goods could be moved with a winch that was located on the house gable.

The new trading cards

The order cards, the auction hall, the accountant, the mayor, the Davidwache, the harbor tour, the Deichtorhallen, the coffee break, the thief, the operations manager, the fireman, the fish market, the spice store, the glassblower, the rubber factory, the harbor master, the coffee roastery , the office, the warehouse workers, the lighthouse, the truck, the fire engine, the music hall, the press, the town hall, the theater, the ship, the smugglers, the seamstress, the rope maker, the savings bank, the informers, the tea room, that Carpet storage and insurance.

Kaispeicher picture
Kaispeicher picture

The five game phases


Here you get twice as many cards to choose from as in the basic game. You draw the top cards from the draw pile, always one more like the players are there, and place them on the water fields on the game board. The same number of cards is then added above the game board.


The starting player begins and places one of his figures on a card of his choice. Then it continues clockwise. But you also have the choice to reserve one of the top cards with your worker. If there are already reserved tickets at the bottom, then you simply put the next one on top. When all players have placed their workers, this phase ends.


First, as in the basic game, you buy cards for the water fields. Then you offer the reserved tickets for purchase. The player who is always at the bottom can also purchase this card. So he pays as many coins into the supply as there are still cards in total. If he doesn’t want to buy his reserved card, it goes back to the discard pile. The employed worker goes back to the other player. Then the next card is up for sale and so on until all of them have been sold. If there are still playing cards above the board, they are put back in the discard pile.


If you load goods cubes onto the correct trading cards, you generate income with them.


Each player receives two coins from the supply. If a player has not bought a trading card in a round, he receives an additional coin. Then the starting player card goes to the left neighbor and a new round begins.

Kaispeicher accessories
Kaispeicher accessories


In order to be able to play Kaispeicher, you need the basic game the Speicherstadt . It is nice that there are now 25 real metal coins in addition to the basic game, the punching game coins. That makes the whole thing a bit more noble in the game. The new 50 trading cards bring variety into the game. By and large, a great addition to the base game.

Explanatory video

Veröffentlicht am 8. April 2021 – Letztes Update am 6. July 2021 von Eggertspiele.de

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