Junta Viva El Presidente


Junta Viva El Presidente – The successor to Junta!

At the board game Junta Viva El Presidente Junta in Spain also stands for an elected government of regions. In the banana republic, players fight for power and money to fill their Swiss bank accounts. Here private militias are now doing the dirty work instead of the military. The players command them from pompous mansions, rob their fellow players and attack the president in order to become one himself. The development funds never end up where they are actually planned, but are stolen, because one’s own property must always be larger and more powerful than everyone else.

Junta Viva El Presidente picture
Junta Viva El Presidente picture

The 6 game phases of Junta Viva El Presidente

Draw cards

After you have decided on a player as president, he draws as many cards from the draw pile as there are players in it plus two extra cards. The other players are putschists and only each get one card from the deck. Only in the first round is there an exception, where every coupist receives two cards. During the game, these cards are kept hidden as hand cards and nobody can see them except you.

The promises

Now the president places at least one card from his hand on each of the putschists’ promises. They may look at the cards briefly, but not add them to their hand.

Orders to the militias

The players all have dice in their own color that represent the militia. It is possible to get more in the game. Now the coup plotters are giving the militias an order to either defend or attack. If you later have several dice, you can command both at the same time. Only the President’s militia do not receive any orders but have the sole task of defending the President. Place the dice behind your screen with the value facing up. This then shows which command you want to execute.

  • If the player turns up the number on the property to be attacked, then he wants to attack. You can also attack the president.
  • If you put down your own number, then you want to defend yourself.
  • The number six is on top means you want to defend the president. Here you can also play the spy card and look into the other players’ militias.

After a command, which was previously agreed, you raise the screens at the same time and get a view of all the militias.

Fight the battles

If a player has decided to attack the president, this fight is carried out first. Then it continues clockwise. If several putschists attack a player, the fight can take place together. If nobody attacks the president, each player gets his promise card in his hand.

The fight:

  • The defender cards can be played before the actual fight.
  • Now the attackers are allowed to play their cards.
  • The militias involved in the fight roll their dice at the same time and determine the combat value. The defender adds his buildings to the value and that results in his defense value.

Danger! Everyone except the President can roll the dice. The militias are counted as a value of 1 and are added to the die results that defend the president. If the attack value is equal to or lower than the defense value, then there was no successful attack. There is only prey if it is higher. If the president is overthrown, no one is allowed to keep the Promise Cards. If the fall does not succeed, only the players who were not present during the attack keep the cards.

If you want to gain loot, you draw a card from the defender’s hand. Whoever has the highest combat value begins to draw. If the attack was successful, the attacker with the highest combat value also gets the presidential glasses and thus the new president.

To spend money

If you no longer have a militia, you can take a free militia. Now you can spend money on, for example, a building for 4 million pesos, a militia for 2 million pesos and for one million pesos you can buy a card. You have the option of paying for several purchases at once, but you don’t get anything out because there is no change.

Check the limit of cards in hand

In the game you can have a maximum of four cards in hand.

Junta Viva El Presidente accessories
Junta Viva El Presidente accessories

Game variant of Junta Viva El Presidente

There is also a variant of the basic game Expert game . To win the expert game you need six points. The value of the presidential glasses is a Sigpunkt. If you roll a one in the battles, you can destroy an opposing militia and return it to the supply. There are not only promise cards but also militia cards that can be made available. Except for the number six, you can choose any number on the dice.

Explanatory video

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