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The Vikings are on the loose! The board game Jórvík by Eggertspiele was published by Pegasus Spiele Verlag and quickly conquered the gaming tables in many living rooms. As a player, you slip into the role of a tribal leader of the Vikings and lead your tribe to glory with plenty of strategic skill. During the course of the game you collect important prestige points. Goods are traded, raids have to be financed, you hire craftsmen to expand the empire and of course there is also a real Viking-style celebration.

New edition of the successful game title ‘ The Speicherstadt


Jórvík is a redesigned and revised version of Author Stefan Felds The Speicherstadt , including the Kaispeicher expansion – with a Viking theme. Anyone who likes to play expert games will probably already know the Eggert game with the title “ The Speicherstadt “from 2010. It is sometimes considered to be one of the most successful board games from the Eggertspiele series. The game expansion is included in Jorvik’s game scope and can be used as an option. It offers additional fun for everyone who likes it a little more complex.

So decide right before the start of the game whether you want to play the Karl or the Jarl version for advanced players. The aim of the game at Jórvík is to gradually build up an empire of hands through a brilliant game mechanism. With a lot of negotiation skills and the right strategy, emerge as the most successful Viking tribe in the board game.

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Game play when playing with a Viking theme

In Jórvík, the individual moves are broken down into four phases. First of all, in each round from the deck of cards, the display of the player whose turn it is is renewed on the game board. Then it is the turn of all players to move by draping one of their characters onto a field. The displayed card can be bought with coins, but you can also reserve a card for purchase.

Then it is traded – here it depends on good trading skills, because that ultimately decides the price of the card. The last phase is the action phase in which, for example, you have goods from merchant ships processed by craftsmen. You can also exchange the goods for gold or simply use one of the many other options.


The more you play, the more skilled you become

In the very first round of the game, Jorvik is still a bit complex. Only after playing several times do you know the individual cards a little better and know how to assess the different strengths. Absolute newcomers initially have little chance of competing against experienced Jórvík players. You’d have to be pretty lucky to be able to climb the podium. In the second round, a victory is no longer too far-fetched and with each new game the probability of emerging as a winner increases.

Karl game or Jarl game? Which version is the better?

Those who are used to playing less demanding card games like Mau Mau or UNO may be satisfied with the Karl version. However, so much content is lost when playing the basic version that it is almost not worth building the game at all. Very few of the cards are used in the base game. It may still be suitable for a beginner’s round, but otherwise we advise you to go straight to the full version.

The game is suitable for up to five players from the age of 10 and is also a lot of fun for two. The playing time is given as 45 to 90 minutes. The latter duration refers to the game with several participants. However, you should plan enough time, because even with just two people it can easily take an hour until a winner is determined in the full version.


Jórvík video with board game test

In the video, which is about the Jórvík board game test, the gameplay is explained quite well. This gives you a first glimpse into the game and the descriptive explanations help you to keep track of things when you play for the first time. The rules of Jorvik are relatively easy to understand and the game instructions go into the individual phases of the game in great detail. The actions and actions required when a ship card is revealed are also well described. After the video, you can basically start right away and play a round.

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