With Imperial, Eggertspiele has brought a parlor game of plenty of influence, power and prestige into the gaming scene. Six major European powers are fighting for fame and influence in a perfidious game. Perfidious because the great powers are only puppets of the biggest investors from all over the world and are guided by their whims. As a player, you slip into the role of investor and control the market through the strategic granting of loans. Will you manage to take control of one of the great empires? And do you manage to keep them permanently?

That’s what Imperial von Eggertspiele is all about

We are in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century – the age of imperialism. The major European powers Italy, France, Austria / Hungary, Russia, Great Britain and the German Reich are politically controlled by the granting of loans from international investors. It is they who have everything under control, who want to gain control over the great powers and who direct their fate. Who will have the greatest influence? You have it in your hand by providing the states as investors with the necessary funds. But be careful, because other donors are also in the starting blocks to gain as much prestige and recognition as possible.

Strategy game with clear rules

Imperial Eggertspiele
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The tactical strategy game has simple and clearly understandable rules. The playing time can be up to three hours, which is why you should bring enough time with you when meeting for a joint Imperial game evening. At the beginning, each player takes on one of the major powers as an investor and tries to lead it to economic success. Of course, other donors are also interested and are trying to take control. You have to counter-steer skillfully. The luck factor plays absolutely no role in this board game, because it is entirely up to each player which strategy he uses to steer the course of the game.

Explanatory video – How to play Imperial

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