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Hospital Rush – Who will make it to the senior physician?

The board game Hospital Rush, translated as hospital rush, by Eggertspiele is hot. You start out as an assistant doctor and try to get the post of senior doctor. Here everyone plays for himself and is also closest to himself. Because the game expects that you also like to come up with unfair means such as fraud or bribery. It can be played with three to five people and is suitable from the age of ten. Only those who manage to collect ten prestige points first can advance to the post of senior doctor.

hospital rush

The game material

The game board can be used on one side for 3-4 players and on the back for 5 players. The prestige points are listed on the 23 patient cards. Each player receives a player board with recesses for the study markers. There is also a starting game marker and seven business cards on which the patient’s medical picture can be read. In addition, each player receives two pawns and wooden markers as well as a character marker in their game color. The clinical thermometer on the game board serves as a prestige points bar.

The 5 game phases

The five phases of the game in Hospital Rush include first placing the first pawn and then the second pawn. In the third phase the patients are discharged and in phase four the conditions for the end of the game are checked. Phase five is only there to prepare the game for the next round.

The actions

Some of the actions you can take in Hospital Rush include treating the patient, getting medication, doing a night shift, going to college, or taking a final exam. But what also belongs to it are the mean actions like sneaking, carrying out sabotage or bribing someone. Come with it, quite according to Eggert games – Manner of adding some strategic points that can give the game a certain twist.

Hospital Rush Instructions
Hospital Rush Instructions

The player trays and their function

Marina Clementina

She likes to make beautiful eyes and, if she is lucky, may help treat the patient. If not, she still gets a prestige point.

Freddie Funster

If he comes up with the “Stay cool, dude” action, then the patient is released in bed four when he is cured and Freddie gets the prestige points at Hospital Rush. If this is not the case, he chooses a new patient from the cards and places his marker on it. But he is not allowed to treat the patient with this action.

Theo Goodberg

With the action “This is my patient now”, he can steal the patient from another player and gives the player back his marker. If there is also a marker from Marina Clementina there, it remains in place.

Kurt von Schneider

When it is Kurt’s turn, the action “You still owe me something” counts, which includes the same rules as for treating patients.

Vanessa Toad

With the action “What a simulant” she discharges the patient and puts him on the discard pile. Everything that was on the patient is given back. If the patient is cured, Vanessa receives a prestige point.

Hospital rush accessories
Hospital rush accessories


Unfortunately there is with this one Play with light tactical moves Little interaction between the players, as everyone plays more for himself. Through the use of illegal actions, it is important who the starting player is and how the seating arrangement was determined right from the start. If you want to spin an illegal thing at the end of a game round, then of course you would rather give the left player next to you the starting player so that you can no longer be teased.

Doctors are assigned different characteristics and not all of them are highly effective. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff, because who is really only concerned with the well-being of the patient or rather with his or her reputation? There are those who literally struggle and then there are those who, as in real life, only reach their goal by lying and deceit. On the whole, though, it’s a nice game and a nice pastime.

Explanatory video

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