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Heads of State … a strategy board game in which the players slip into the role of influential nobles and royal families and fight for fame and power. Each participant in the game embodies the head of a family who wants to take a seat in one of the European rulers’ seats. The goal can be reached with tactical moves.

Heads of State – struggle for influence and power

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Who will assert themselves and achieve the greatest influence in Europe’s royal courts in the board game? Who manages to smuggle in most of the nobles and heads of state in Britain, Spain, France and Germany, which is represented as German States, and to consolidate their supremacy there? The game board represents a map of Europe that shows the countries mentioned. It is important for the players to occupy the prestigious aristocratic positions in these states and, if possible, to occupy the most powerful position, that of the king.

Dangers lurk everywhere in Heads of State

At the beginning of the game, the players receive a clear tableau on which all available nobles can be found and the associated attribute cards can be seen with which they can be acquired. In addition, everyone receives their nobility tiles in their personal game color. There is also a deck of treason cards. You should never feel safe in your seat. Treason, murder, revolutions and inquisitions can quickly take the nobles from their throne and send them into nirvana. Church and military promise support, but cannot always save the individual heads, because the opponents are lurking in ambush and also have their supporters.

Goal of the game at Heads of State

The winner of the game is the one who dominates the individual provinces of Europe the most and houses the most nobles there over the course of the game.

Heads of State video

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