Fiery rum, big cigars, hot temperament: Cuba! The capital Havana is to shine in new splendor and many magnificent buildings are being built. And here, too, as everywhere, money rules: For brisk trade and change in the bazaars, the players also need raw materials and workers who put themselves at the service of building construction. Business also takes place on the black market. A little criminal energy is also required in stealing from others – and shrewdness in collecting taxes. At the right time, shrewd strategists take a siesta and prefer to be lazy than take further action.

It happens at all Havana on the right timing. Action cards with different values play the decisive role: high ones for constructive processes, low ones, which guarantee an early entry into the game round and quick influence on what is happening. Sometimes it is therefore advisable to forego an effective card. In addition, your own actions must always be aligned with the behavior of the other players, because the variety of available actions melts from round to round.

At the end of the day, the most valuable building was built by the builder who found the best mix of energetic action and strategic skill. Frequent gamers show what they can do here. Newcomers to the world of tactical games can easily keep up, because they are allowed to start playing without knowing it – and by doing so, they can beat the great strategists.

Author: Reinhard Staupe

Illustrator: Michael Menzel


  • 80 building materials
  • 1 cloth bag
  • 36 buildings
  • 4 x 13 action cards
  • 4 x 2 overview maps
  • 60 coins
  • 15 workers

Price: 24.95 | Players: 2-4 | Age: 10+ | Duration: 45 |

Havana picture
Havana picture

The game of Havana in 3 phases

Phase 1

The player with the lowest cards starts with the two actions described on the cards. Next, you can buy additional buildings. To be able to do that, you hand in building materials, pay pesos and use workers. Only buildings that are on the outside of both rows can be acquired. When there are only two cards left in a row, you put them to the right and left on the edge of the row. Then you draw four new cards blindly and add them to the middle.

Phase 2

To get supplies you draw three pesos and three building materials from the bag. You then simply add them to those that are already there.

Phase 3

In turn, each player places a face-down card on top of an already displayed card. Now you turn up the card and put the one underneath it on your personal discard pile and the next round can begin.

Havana accessories
Havana accessories

Conclusion from Havana

If you have dealt with the different action cards, then Havana is a lot of fun. The instructions are very detailed and easy to understand. Nevertheless, it is important to read the rules very well before starting your first game. The interaction consists of choosing the cards in hand or considering what effect one can make.

Explanatory video

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