Grog Island


Grog Island – A colorful board game

The time will come for the mighty pirates, too, when they have to withdraw from the tough everyday life of pirates. What’s next? On Grog Island, with its five peninsulas, they invest their booty in rock-solid businesses.

In this unique dice auction game by eggert games you are trying to secure promising pirate real estate. These can be wooden leg shops, carpentry for figureheads, workshops for voodoo dolls or the notorious “Grog Hole” bar. But at auctions it is not always just about the highest bid. Passing at the right moment can also be extremely lucrative. Because this is the only way to get coveted goods and to trade with the arriving ships.

Thanks to the innovative use of dice and the captivating gameplay, Grog Island is a tactical treat for anyone looking for an unusual gaming experience.


  • 1 game board
  • 110 cards
  • 5 dice
  • 36 pirate figures
  • 12 wooden markers
  • 75 goods tokens
  • 6 ship tiles
  • 5 cloud tiles
  • 6 locks
  • 4 plates
  • 20+ coins
  • 1 starting player flag
  • 2 game instructions (German / English)

Author: Michael Rieneck

Illustration: Klemens Franz

The auction rounds

The central mechanism of this game consists of the auction rounds. These are important and decide who, as the winner, is allowed to carry out which actions as an auction. If the stake is too high for a player, then he must take action with the actions stored there. An auction round begins with five dice and the player places at least one player in the auction area. The dice’s eyes show what the player has to pay at an auction. But since the players hide their assets in a chest, nobody can guess exactly who owns how much.

Grog Island accessories
Grog Island accessories


The dice mechanism of the Board game is extremely exciting, especially since you have to bid with the dice to get actions. By passing early you can still carry out worthwhile actions. It is definitely more interesting to play the game with four people instead of just two. Sometimes it can happen that the other players mix up the island because of its color. That could have been shown a little more clearly. It is also nice that you can move the bonus ships in each round and they always bring a different resource advantage.

Explanatory video

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