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Grand Cru – who will be the winemaker's king?

In French Burgundy, wine connoisseurs describe the best location for viticulture as Grand Cru, which translates as large plants. With a lot of effort and delicious grapes, the good location will hopefully ensure a good vintage. Here, vines are auctioned, diligently harvested and logically invested. The refinement of the wine should also be a financial success for the player. With the board game from the house Eggert games only the right combinations lead to a great result. The loan that was given at the beginning must be repaid and as much assets as possible brought in. To make this possible, there are many promotions and auctions in the game.

Grand Cru schedule on the front
Grand Cru schedule on the front

The 2 phases of Grand Cru

Expansion of the winery

The expansion phase consists of at least four rounds of action per year. Actions include:

  • Make a first bid with a token
  • A bid that has already been placed can be outbid
  • It is also possible to bid for a tile
  • You can also make a direct purchase
  • The demand for a type of wine can be increased
  • A grape harvest is carried out
  • The sale of a type of wine is pending
  • You can use an expansion
  • The possibility of fitting is given

end of year

  • You place new tiles in the display
  • There is a wine festival where the wine sales are evaluated and special promotions can take place
  • The grape ripening begins
  • You have to pay interest on the loans, if you can't, you take out an emergency loan
  • The credits can now be paid off or you can take on new ones or you pass this round
  • The new year is being prepared
Grand Cru game board on the back
Grand Cru game board on the back


This board game is for Frequent players suitable for those who like to deal with strategy. It starts at the beginning that you have to decide how much credit you want to have. But watch out, the more loans you have, the more interest you have to pay in the end. You have to consider which actions you want to carry out in which year and how much money you need for it. But you have to handle the money well, as it is often very tight in the game.

It is important not only to keep an eye on your own vineyards but also those of your fellow players. A year goes by quickly and you may not have managed to harvest your own wine at all, or worse, you may have to dispose of it because it has gone bad.

If you notice that a teammate can repay all of his loans, then this round will soon be over. The interaction factor is very high and if you play five of them it can happen that the wine cubes are running out. Of course, luck does not play an insignificant role, as it always depends on which cards you draw from the supply. The wine festival bar also requires a lot of luck to be the first to move or to be able to carry out your desired special action.

Both versions of the game have good material and a clear illustration. There are clear instructions, the wooden game pieces and the tiles made of thick cardboard. As a suggestion, you could copy the overview of the special functions and extensions on the last page of the instructions and distribute them to the other players. That would make the whole thing even clearer. Of course, at the beginning, as with every new game, you first need a try or two, but then it's great fun and exciting from start to finish.

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