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In the case of Glück Auf (card game) from Eggert games and Pegasus Games, the process is similar to that of the board game of the same name. In the 19th century you played the role of a coal miner and used the carts to get the black gold out of the mines to load it onto freight trains. But this freight train must also be provided with an order and a locomotive in order to be able to deliver the coal at all. Only then can you win the victory points. But since you can only deploy your workers to a limited extent, the task is not as easy as expected. The winner is the one of the other players who was able to complete the most valuable tasks at the end of the game and thereby achieve the most victory points.

Luck on picture
Glück auf (card game) picture

The actions of the workers when lucky (card game)

  • If you have to take the top lorry card, you put it down on the left next to the player tray in the conveyor row. If there are already cards there, you place them at the left end of the row. There is no limit to how many lorry cards you can have.
  • If you place workers in the workers’ area of the wagon card stack, you take the top card here and place it on one of the tracks on the right of the game board. The coat of arms on the wagon indicates where they can be put on. If you have a wheel coat of arms you can place it on track one or two, with the Klee coat of arms on track one or three, with the tower coat of arms only on track two and with the fox coat of arms only on track three. If you have all four coats of arms on your card, then it is a joker wagon that you can place on any track.
  • If one or more wagons are already on the track, place the new card on the right.
  • If a locomotive has already been scheduled, then you put your wagon to the left of it and move the locomotive to the right.
  • There is no limit to the number of wagon tickets. However, once you have placed a wagon, you can no longer move it to another track.
  • If you have placed workers in the area of the order cards, you take the order card directly into your hand. As the name suggests, these order cards are required to carry out orders. There are destinations on the maps: furnaces, steamships, tenements and factories. On the map you can also see how many victory points you can get and how many trolleys are needed. There is no limit to the number of order cards in hand.
  • If you stand with your workers at the pile with the share cards then you take one from the pile and put it in front of you. This card is only used at the end of the game. This number of cards is also not limited.
  • You also take the innovation card in your hand and there are two types of it. There is the worker innovation card that you can use like normal workers and the action innovation card with which you can use actions on the field. There is no limit to the number of cards you can own.
  • If you have a business game card, you use it for victory points at the end of the game. The better the task is completed, the higher the victory points will be. There are no restrictions here either.
Luck on accessories
Glück auf (card game) accessories


Like the board game that came out in 2013, that too is tactical card game a nice affair. Although there is less material available here, in the end it is just as exciting as the board game. Different winning strategies can be pursued, as there are different options for moves. Of course you have to bring a little time with you, but that doesn’t detract from the game. The game requires a lot of space on the table and the nice thing about it is that at the beginning you think you already know who wins, but only at the end after the points have been counted the actual winner will be determined.

Game explanation and review

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