The fair is back in town with Fun Fair!

Come on in, ladies and gentlemen, at our fairground! Whether roller coaster or bumper car, boat swing or horse racing, slapstick or fortune teller – there is something for every taste at this fairground. And even if you were less successful than your friends at one or the other attraction, collect lots of tickets on your way through the hustle and bustle. Maybe you won the first prize.

For its 15th anniversary, eggertspiele is presenting a special kind of game with the fairground. No, actually there are eight games, each of which is a typical fairground attraction. Speed, action, spontaneous screams of joy and, above all, fun are the focus of this unique game.

And now have fun – visiting the fair together!

Authors: Inka and Markus Brand, Peter Eggert , Philipp El Alaoui, Friedemann Friese, Michael Rieneck, Martin Schlegel, Stefan Stadler, Tobias Stapelfeld and Birgit Stolte.

Illustrators: Klemens Franz, Alexander Jung, Harald Lieske, Dennis Lohausen, Michael Menzel and Franz Vohwinkel.


  • 1 game board
  • 129 playing cards
  • 6 wooden figures
  • 12 counting stones made of wood
  • 15 special cubes
  • 1 cloth sack
  • 1 hourglass for “Hau den Lukas”
  • 60 plastic crystals for the “ship swing”
  • 1 play aid for the “gripper”
  • 6 driving chips
  • 6 storage cards for the “Losbude”
  • 1 race track for the “horse race”
  • 36 tip cards for the “ghost train”
  • 54 crash markers for the “bumper car”
  • 1 rules of the game
Fairground accessories
Fairground accessories

The attractions

Hit Luke

Here you stack a certain number of cubes on top of each other in a given time and order.

the Fortune teller

Profitable plus point cards can be smuggled past the other players or the minus point cards cobbled to others.

horse race

Horse racing is a team game where you form a pair. You can only get ahead with your horse by throwing triplets.


This is also a team game where one is the gripper arm and the other only controls with words. The player who steers the arm cannot see the playing field and has to rely on the words of his partner and execute them. The aim is to fish a valuable diamond from the inside of the box.

Bumper cars

This is about a pile of cards with a Tilt! Card, but it is hidden. The higher this card is in the stack, the most points are awarded.

Ship swing

With the big swing, the one who sits outside gets a lot of points. Of course, there is a higher risk of handing over or of being thrown off course.

Roller coaster

A good memory is required here and it’s a team game again. While the hourglass is running, players have time to visit the attractions. If the clock has run out, this movement is carried out parallel to the uncovering of the card.

Ghost train

The players have to find out who is most afraid of the other players. If someone reveals the fearful card, he has to scream, because there is a figure that the person is afraid of.


With each round you collect points and convert them into byes at the end of the game. If you want to be a winner, you pull the only red diamond out of the cloth bag and you can escape the hustle and bustle.

Fairground game
Fairground picture


This is one easy game for the family what you can easily do in half an hour. The presentation of the packaging and the accessories is beautifully colorful and attractively designed. The rules of the game are easy to understand and do not present any difficulty. Here pure luck also decides whether someone goes away empty-handed at the end of the game or not. Just imagine you are really with your friends at a fair and try out the various attractions together. It’s always nice to have fun with friends and test your strength against each other. What I also really liked is that for every game sold, 1 € is transferred to Kindernothilfe. That’s really a nice idea.

Explanatory video

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