Express 01


Invested in the card game Express 01 from Eggertspiele in the construction and expansion of railway lines, built railway stations for various companies and acquired lucrative company shares. Send trains on a journey and earn a golden nose!

Express 01 is the train game of many cards. It offers a gaming experience like a large board game and can be ideally adapted to your needs thanks to its variable playing time.
Thanks to the included USA expansion, there are no limits to the continuous fun of the game.


  • 236 cards,
  • 4 player boards,
  • 4 wooden locomotives,
  • 1 wooden stick,
  • 2 game instructions (German, English)

Price: 24.95 | Players: 2-4 | Age: 12+ | Duration: 60-120 |

State subsidy of Express 01

How much capital each player has is always determined in the first round. Whoever has the least capital receives the subsidy. You can see how this is calculated here:

  • With active capital, each card in the hand receives one point.
  • In your own display, each part of the company counts as many points as there are many train stations. That then belongs to passive capital.
  • The unequal pairs also count one point each and also belong to the passive capital.
  • If someone owns the black locomotive, he receives two additional points.

Everyone can display their total amount on the capital bar if they place the brown locomotive on the specified amount. The capital bar is always adjusted at the beginning and at the end of a round. If you put the locomotive down, you show a value of over 30 points. Whoever has the lowest capital value gets the black locomotive. If there is a tie between the players, the player with the lower position number receives the subsidy. At the beginning of the first round, the player who owns position card 1 receives the black locomotive.

The three possible action pairs from Express 01

Expand the route network

As long as you pay you can swap cards multiple times. You choose a card from the stack and swap it in your game board. You leave the base cards upside down in front of you and lay out the colored expansion card for the corresponding type face up.

Acquire the shares

This promotion is also chargeable. Depending on how many stations you have, you have to put down your hand cards in this amount. You can only acquire companies that have at least one train station. Danger! The player with the black locomotive cannot take any shares away from him. You can buy the shares as long as you pay for them.

Trigger a premium payment

You don’t have to pay anything for this action, but you can only ever do it once per turn. A company is sent on a journey with a selected route. The shareholders receive a bonus from the company for this. So fresh capital is distributed to everyone. You can only choose one company at a time and you have to own at least one of its shares. In addition, there must be at least one train station in the route network.

Change the position

This promotion is also free and you can use it to change your position in the player order. To do this, you simply take the position card from the player you want the position from and give him yours for it. If you have changed your position backwards, that does not mean that you will have another turn in the round.

Express 01 accessories
Express 01 accessories

The USA expansion

There is also the USA expansion for this game. To be able to play it, you remove the 35 Germany base cards, the 18 terminal and dead end stations and the 13 capital city stations. To do this, you add the 30 USA base maps and the 17 double stations.


The Spieleschmiede turned the game into a crown funding project. Untouched Germany lies untouched at your feet and the players’ task is to build tracks and train stations. You have to keep a close eye on the other players in order to be able to earn money. This game was tried out as a card game instead of a board game, but unfortunately it has not been so well received by users so far. I would say just try it out for yourself and form your own opinion.

Explanatory video

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