The board game Dolmen is a new edition of the game Dolmengötter published by Eggertspiele in 2005. The course of the game rounds is very diverse, so that no two games are the same. The winner will also remain open until the end. The rules are very easy to understand, but the game is abstract and a lot of tactics are required. This is why the family board game is more suitable for slightly older children from 10 years of age.

Create huge stone circles

While you’re doing that Board game wander through the mystical regions of Ireland, erect huge stone circles of druid stones in which you can place your dolmens ( also called megalith ) place. The point is to form majorities from your own dolmens. Whoever manages to cleverly set them up or stack them, and in this way gain more and more majorities, will achieve higher values in the points bar. The point system takes into account both the height and the location of a dolmen. The dolmens are often stacked in several colors on top of each other. Depending on where you place your own dolmens, big jumps on the point scale are possible. And that is exactly the aim of the game: points, points, points!


Luck factor turned off

Since the Dolmen game works entirely without dice, the luck factor is left out. This is really all about strategic decisions. Decide for yourself whether you want to lure your opponent into a trap or whether you prefer to concentrate on expanding your dolmen collections as quickly as possible. One and the other have advantages. In the end, it all depends on how skilled the opponent (s) are and what tactics they use. The focus should always be on foreseeing the extent to which you will influence majorities in your move or gain your own majorities.

Every action affects gameplay in some way, and not always beneficial to you. At least not always in the long run. Some of your dolmen arrangements will become less important in the game as soon as an opponent piles his stones on top. Therefore, it is important to keep a clear head and, similar to the game of chess, think several moves in advance.

Game play at dolmen

The youngest player can start with the first move. On each turn, exactly one action is taken by the player whose turn it is. There are three options:

  1. The player places one of his druids (pawn)
  2. A figure is moved one step
  3. A druid is removed

Deploy druids


If you want to use one of your druids, find a free node on the game board and place one of the pawns there. Node points are free if there is no other druid or stone on the field. If you have already placed all of your pawns on the board, this point does not apply and you cannot place any more druids.

Move pawns

If you want to move a druid, the pawn moves from one node to the next free node. The current location must be connected to the target location. There are connections through

  • Lines
  • Portals of the same rune (in the case of nodes on the edge, those that are exactly opposite count)
  • Druid bridges

Whole chains that are continuously strung together are called druid bridges. Either through runic portals or lines. If there is a druid between your current node and the node you want to jump to, it only counts as 1 step. It doesn’t matter what color the pieces in between are. The fields of the Druid Bridge are simply skipped at this moment. Individual druids also count as a druid bridge. If there are individual stones in between, the bridge is interrupted.

Stones are always an obstacle. When your druid has reached its destination, place one of your stones on the point you have left. This action may initiate a stone majority in one or more stone circles, which leads to a dolmen building action. You can then determine the order. You can find more details on these actions in the instructions for the game. As with placing druids, you can remove them from the board instead of taking a step. Place one of your stones on the empty space.

End of game at dolmen

If at least one of the participating players has placed his last dolmen, placed the last stone or even both, the last round of the game has started. The remaining players are still allowed to perform their last action. Dolmen building campaigns too. Then it is evaluated as indicated in the description. Whoever scores the most points is the winner of the game.

Explanatory video

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