Camel Up Supercup


Camel Up Supercup – Game expansion for Camel Up

Camel Up Supercup can only be played with the base game Camel Up. It is a game expansion with additional material for two other players. The expansion means that 10 instead of eight camels can now be driven through the desert – so ten players can also play. Camel Up Supercup still offers four additional modules and thus new possibilities.

Camel Up Supercup – Four new ways to make money

The Camel Up game expansion gives you more options at face value. For example, you can capture the most exciting racing moments with your camera and sell your pictures profitably. Those who enter into a betting partnership with their fellow players may benefit from their keen nose for the best hump. The Camel Up Supercup game board is simply placed on the basic game board and thus expands the range of moves. You can use the added expansion modules individually or in combination. Since there are more options for the individual moves, the duration of the game is also extended somewhat. Conclusion: Longer, more exciting game fun with the trotting of the camels.

camel up supercup
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Extended fun – now for up to 10 players

With the expansion set, two more players can now take part in the camel race than the Camel Up Basic version allows. The additional equipment is actually worthwhile, because it pimps the game of the year 2014 ( see also here ) a little more and brings more options into play.

The extension modules included in the set are:

  • Gallop die
  • camera
  • Alliance cards
  • Betting cards for placements 2-5
  • Schedule expansion

You place the game plan extension on the back curve of the base game, because this will extend the racetrack a little. Before playing, you can choose which of the individual additional parts you want to use when playing. The modules can be used individually or together.

camel up supercup

Use of the camera

The camera is used to take snapshots during the race. It is used in a similar way to the oasis and desert tiles from the basic game and is placed on an empty space on the racetrack. As soon as one or more camels finish their turn on this playing field, the camera is triggered and the coins in the sack ring. A successful sports recording can be sold well.

Alliance cards

The use of the alliance cards contained in the expansion set only makes sense if more than six players are taking part in the camel race. With them you can enter into an alliance with one of the other players, provided that he does not already have another ally. When evaluating after a stage, you get the highest points of your alliance partner added to your points.

Betting tokens for placements 2 to 5

In the basic game you only bet on the leader or the loser. With the Camel Up Supercup game expansion, you can now place your bets on places 2 to 5 in every stage. The perfect thing is that you can use these betting tiles to modify bets that have already been placed and thus get a new chance if you were too hasty to place a bet.

Video game explanation

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