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Camel Up Game of the Year 2014 – Now Campel Up Cards

In the game Camel Up Cards by Eggert games the camels race through the desert. The camels are not assigned to any player but the other players bet on the camels. This is the only way everyone can earn money. The animals move forward in stages and you can bet on the outcome of the race before the game. The game ends when the first camel has crossed the finish line. After that, they will be billed together.

Camel Up Cards picture
Camel Up Cards picture

The track actions

Palm or fox

If the fox and the palm are still outside the racetrack, you place them on any space and take the appropriate card. If a camel has landed on a fox figure during the game, it must immediately go back one space. The opposite is the case with a palm tree, you move forward one space. If you have used the palm or the fox, you take them off the board and put them back on the corresponding card.

Reveal a card from the race deck

The top card from the stack is turned over and the camel moves the number shown to the front. Here, too, as in the well-tried Camel Up game, you can hop on the back of a camel when the field is occupied and also the piggyback rule.

Play the racing card from your hand

You put the card from your hand on the discard pile and then move your camel forward with the number indicated there. The only difference from the other cards is that a plus two card becomes a plus one card.

The two betting promotions of Camel Up Cards

The stage betting card

In the current stage you can either bet on first place or midfield. You get four cards for first place and only one for midfield. Each player can only take one card per round, but can own as many as he wants.

The final betting card

If you have taken a final betting card, you can bet on the outcome of the bet. It is important that you can only have one of each type of card. Because if you already have an Olle Camel or Tolle Camel card, then you have to put the one you already own back into your possession.

Camel Up Cards accessories
Camel Up Cards accessories


The little brother of Camel Up is great as a Travel game . The pictures and the game material are nice to look at and well described. The difference is that you are not holding dice but cards in your hand. The game is even more fun with multiple players. First of all, it is a fun and also chaotic family game.

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