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Animals on Board – Fill your ark with animal inhabitants

The tactical family game Animals on Board (in German: Animals on Board) from Eggertspiele not only inspires little play heroes, but also brings a lot of fun to adults on the game evening. They are all Owners of their own ark and now you have to round up all sorts of animals to save you on your ship. However, there is a Noah who claims the various pairs of animals completely for himself. The players are not allowed to have pairs on board when counting out, otherwise points will be deducted. However, herds that consist of more than two animals are permitted. These are actually more valuable and count more.

animals on board
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Funny animal theme and simple rules

The game Animals On Board, like some of the other Eggert games before, was on the recommendation list for 2016 game of the year . Thanks to particularly loving animal illustrations, the family game will easily become a hit with young players. Each of the players has their own ark and must now try to lure as many animals as possible on board. Feeding boxes, which are richly filled with all kinds of goodies, serve as attractants. Unfortunately, a certain person named Noah obtained a couple ban. That means, Noah collects all the animal pairs that are on your boat during the counting and the points go whistle. So if you have formed pairs of one animal species at the end of the game, you have to hand them all over, because they are not counted in the evaluation.

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Herd formation earns more points

It looks much better with whole herds consisting of three, four or five animals of the same species. These are particularly valuable and earn plenty of points. Whoever manages to gather the most individual animals and herds on his ark by the time they leave is the winner of the game. There are a total of 60 animal cards, which are divided into twelve different animal species. The animals of a genus each have different values. For example, there are five zebras in the game that have point values between 1 and 5. It is particularly nice that the animal cards of the same species are all designed differently. No two cards are alike, which is why we would like to take this opportunity to express our compliments to the illustrators.

Simple set of rules explained quickly

Animals on Board’s rules of the game are very simple, but unfortunately a little awkward on the packaging. Here it makes sense if an adult is present to briefly explain the principle of the game. The tide is approaching and you must assemble as many individual animals or groups of animals as possible on your ark to save them. As mentioned above, pairs of two do not count because they are not counted at the end of the game. Noah is very stubborn about that. At the beginning each player receives an ark, which is simply put together and offers space for 10 animal cards. In addition, everyone gets a feed box and a break flag. The person who starts the game also places the starting player stand in front of him. The game is always played clockwise. Animals on Board ends when one of the players was able to accommodate 10 or more animals on his ark.

Video game explanation

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